Horner behind push to allow teams fifth power unit

The F1 teams look set to agree to a change in the power unit allocation for this season from four to five – despite the demise of the German GP dropping the race total from 20 to 19.

This year the allocation is supposed to be down to four after the FIA set it at five for the first season of the new formula in 2014. However, after teams experienced problems in Australia – notably Red Bull and McLaren – there are fears that there will be a gradual reduction in the amount of laps run on Fridays as everyone seeks to keep their engine allocation alive, and thus avoid grid penalties.

Concerns that fans will thus get a raw deal have thus been used to push forward the idea, which was discussed by team bosses this morning. If unanimous agreement on the details can be found, it could be implemented straight away.

“I suggested the idea,” Christian Horner told this writer. “The objective is really to make sure that cars are out on the track, otherwise as we get further into the year it’s going to become harder and harder and teams are going to become more restrictive. There seems to be unanimous agreement on it, so that’s a positive sign.”

It remains to be seen whether the extra power unit would simply be added to the current allocation, or specifically earmarked for Friday use.

“It’s to be decided,” said Horner. “I don’t mind whether it’s a Friday engine or we just go back to last year’s rule, it doesn’t matter.”


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5 responses to “Horner behind push to allow teams fifth power unit

  1. I think they should have stipulations set, for example you have the 4 engines that you have this year which you can change for whatever reason however you should also have an additional 4 engines if one fails during the race or during qualifying.

  2. Mick

    A reasonable suggestion (unlike his equalisation idea at the last race). Will benefit fans as well as Honda, Ferrari, Renault. Mercedes will seem unsporting if they block this one.

  3. Martin Collyer

    What next then Horner? How about sprinklers on the track or perhaps shortcuts allowed for cars that are predominantly purple?


  4. Van

    Are teams really limited to 4 engines, or is just 4 engines before you start incurring grid/time penalties? To be honest if it’s the latter then I don’t really see too much of a problem, if you can get a 5th engine for a one-off 10-place grid penalty (or whatever it is)

  5. TR4

    On the face of it, this is a sensible idea. However, there should be a condition attached to ensure Friday running (seeing as this is the claimed reason for the change). For example, any less than, say 35 minutes running of each car during the session = 5 place grid penalty.

    Or was this just a ruse to get extra engines for other reasons…???

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