Daniel Ricciardo: “I definitely feel more confident…”

Daniel Ricciardo was in upbeat mood today after finishing FP2 in third place, behind Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

The Aussie said that the latest updates had improved the hitherto disappointing RB11, and it felt better to drive.

“It was definitely a positive day for us, we did more laps and [had] more understanding with those laps,” he said. “I think on both tyres, also on short and long runs, we’re pretty happy. New parts on the car, they all seemed to work as hoped.

“I definitely feel more confident, even my satisfaction when driving the car this afternoon. I felt the grip and I really feel the improvement, so that’s always nice, to feel that as well from the driver’s side, not only the lap time. I’m positive that it can be good weekend.”

Regarding Ferrari’s form he said: “They always seem to come on a bit stronger on Saturdays, but for now we seem to third best team, and we’ll try at least to hold that.”

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