Tost impressed by Verstappen’s commitment

Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost continues to be impressed by the form of both Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz thus far in 2015.

Verstappen was particularly strong in China before he retired in the closing laps.

“It was a fantastic race from his side especially regarding the tyre understanding, the tyre usage,” Tost told this writer. “And also from the car. It’s encouraging, but at the end you need a result! Only this counts. We are convinced that Red Bull made the right decision with Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, and the results show this.”

Regarding Verstappen’s impressive start to the season he said: “He is a very high skilled driver, and also his commitment and attitude is very positive. He’s spending a lot of time with our engineers, they analyse everything. He’s learning very fast, his gradient on the learning curve is very steep. I must say we are more than happy with both drivers because they’re doing a really good job.

“Of course we must provide them with the best possible material so that they can show their talent and they can finish the race within the points, and this is possible, under normal circumstances.

“In Sepang we had a fantastic race result. Here we had a bad race result. We think we know the reasons why, and that also belongs to the education process. It forms the character of everybody.”


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2 responses to “Tost impressed by Verstappen’s commitment

  1. Tom

    I’ve been seeing a lot of positive comments on Max the past week. Hopefully he can handle the pressure this may bring as media attention is growing by the day. He looks to be a steady guy from the outside, hopefully he can remain such a levelled guy.

    Apart from Villeneuve I think everybody can see the pure talent Max has. Hopefully many great races will be seen from him!

    • GeorgeK

      Who pays attention to Villeneuve? Sorry JV fans, as far as I’m concerned his F1 driving record after leaving Williams demonstrates his irrelevancy.

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