Todt takes on United Nations road safety job

FIA President Jean Todt has been appointed as Special Envoy for Road Safety by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

A statement from the FIA noted: “In this capacity, he will assist the UN Secretary General in mobilizing sustained political commitment towards road safety. Mr. Todt will also advocate and raise awareness about the United Nations road safety legal instruments, and share established road safety good practices, through his participations in global and regional conferences on road safety. In addition, the Special Envoy for Road Safety will generate funding for advocacy efforts through strategic partnerships between the public, private and non-governmental sectors.”

“The road safety challenge is too often ignored, but road injuries are the number one killer of young people aged 15-29,” said Todt. “That being the case, it deserves much more attention on the global political agenda. This appointment will bring greater visibility to efforts to tackle this health and development crisis, as well as new leadership and renewed momentum.

“In my position as FIA President, with the backing of our members, road safety has become a key priority. I have been committed to bringing together all stakeholders fighting for this cause. This new role will help build an even stronger coalition for road safety worldwide.”


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11 responses to “Todt takes on United Nations road safety job

  1. Off Track

    I wish Monsieur Todt a wonderful time on [or is it in ?] that luscious gravy train, the world’s happiest quango: the U.N.
    Enchante old boy!

  2. So rather than actually doing his current job of ruling the FiA and getting the F1 team in check, he’s instead going to expand his small attention span even further. Sigh.

  3. CTP

    No conflict of interest there then: the head of an automobile lobbying agency in charge of road safety.

  4. Chris

    What a useless toad

  5. JotaMG

    What a waste!!!
    This little and clearly frustrated man suc***s!
    (sorry for this direct words, but I don’t have the gift to write this with nice subtil words)

  6. GeorgeK

    Well, hopefully it will mean he has to resign his FIA presidency and we can find a new man who cares about F1 more than his personal gain.

    Never thought I’d be the one to say even Max could have done better than LeToad!

    • Tiptop racer

      His term as president has been so thoroughly weak and underachieving to the point of being almost invisible that Todt should have been removed from office years ago it’s an absolute disgrace he is still there.

  7. Paul

    what’s with all the Todt hate?
    Road safety seems a good cause to me and I’m happy Jean Todt (and his spouse) make efforts to improve awareness. Motorsport is a pastime, road safety a matter of life and death

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