McLaren confirms chrome livery dropped for Spanish GP

McLaren has now formally confirmed that the livery of the MP4-30 will change for this weekend’s Spanish GP.

As reported here on Saturday, the chrome/silver look that the car started the season with has now been replaced, after it caused a few problems with reflections in sunlight and under the Bahrain floodlights.

A McLaren spokesman told this blog: “We have revised our car’s livery, improving its visual impact, optimising it for not only bright sunshine but also for the floodlights increasingly used in twilight and night races.

“The result is a dynamic, predatory, graphite-grey colouration, complemented by McLaren-dayglo ‘Speedmarks’ and keylines, reducing the reflection issues caused by our latest chrome-silver treatment.”

Saturday’s story, including what Ron Dennis had to say about liveries earlier this season, can be found here:


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3 responses to “McLaren confirms chrome livery dropped for Spanish GP

  1. Jeff Brabham

    The real weakness of the current livery is not that it’s boring, but rather that it makes all of the sponsor names, especially that of Honda, very difficult to see. Given the sums it is spending on this project, Honda cannot be satisfied with their current exposure level on the car. I’ll be very surprised if the new livery does not address this issue.

  2. Derek

    A new zenith of Ronspeak -“A dynamic, predatory graphite-grey colouration”. Or “a bit less shiny”, in traditional English.

  3. Matt

    Oh for God’s sake.

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