New Fittipaldi film seeks crowdfunding support

The team behind the acclaimed F1 documentary 1: Life on the Limit are using Kickstarter to fund a new project about the life and career of Emerson Fittipaldi.

The idea for The Name is Fittipaldi emerged after the Brazilian proved to be such an interesting interviewee for the earlier film, which focussed on the development of safety in the sport over the past decades.

Announcing the new project the producers, Flat-Out Films and Diamond Docs, said it “tells the story of one of history’s most charismatic, influential and successful racing drivers. It’s a character study, a personal tale about the meteoric rise of a sporting legend, a story about family, fearlessness and brilliance, success and failure, and ultimately about life and death. It will be cinematic, charismatic, tense and inspiring.”

The team of director/editor Paul Crowder, writer Mark Monroe and producer Michael Shevloff have made several successful documentaries, including Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who. Monroe was also the writer of The Cove, which won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, while Crowder is currently working on an officially-sanctioned Beatles film with Rush director Ron Howard.

Shevloff said: “It’s being made with Emerson’s full cooperation and is going to be a very different film to ‘1’. It’s going to be a much more intimate character piece that really gets inside the mind of a champion. It’s a film that covers Emerson’s two careers, three wives and ‘nine lives’. We have already started the research and writing, and are now aiming to start our interview process this summer.”

Fittipaldi is providing home movies and other footage he has collected over the years, but the filmmakers are keen to hear from anyone who might have material.

More information on how to get involved can be found here:

The film also has a Facebook page:

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One response to “New Fittipaldi film seeks crowdfunding support

  1. Off Track

    Fittipaldi, Rindt, Villeneuve, Hunt. Ah those fantastic pre-digital days of racing without software. Real engines, real gearboxes, real tyres. I’m looking forward to this movie.

    Funny thing this official Beatles film that has been forever in the making. Fifty years has come and passed since that group were universally accepted as the most glamorous scandalous popular and musically gifted young men on the planet. I don’t think anyone who was not alive at the time can understand the extent of their success. People who run today’s broadcasters were not there, of course … 🙂 hence, not a word.

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