Helmut Marko: Verstappen was “fantastic” in Monaco

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has praised Max Verstappen’s performance in Monaco, and says that Romain Grosjean was also at fault in the collision that ended the Dutchman’s race.

Monaco rookie Verstappen was badly delayed by a long pit stop, but he was still able to show real savvy and aggression with some good passing moves before the controversial incident with Grosjean earned a grid penalty for Canada.

“Max was fantastic,” Marko told this writer. “Unfortunately he had this bad pit stop. It was good when he followed the Ferrari [of Sebastian Vettel] and overtook Bottas. You saw what potential is there.

“I would say the crash was a racing incident, and Grosjean was involved as well, he was moving over when he already saw that Max was there.”

Marko was also pleased to see RBR drivers Dany Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo finish fourth and fifth, especially after such a frustrating start to the season for the Russian.

“Both drivers did very well. It was a good co-operation for Kvyat to let Ricciardo past, and then he gave it back when he couldn’t get by. I think Ricciardo would have needed two more laps and there was a chance on Hamilton.

“It was the first weekend without any troubles for Kvyat, and there he showed what he can do.”

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One response to “Helmut Marko: Verstappen was “fantastic” in Monaco

  1. Off Track

    He’s right about Max, and very generous to Grosjean.

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