Verstappen stuck with 15-place grid penalty

Max Verstappen has become the first driver to take an engine penalty in 2015 – in only the seventh race of the season.

The Toro Rosso driver has taken his fifth Renault V6 for FP3 in Canada, and that triggers a 10-place penalty. This will be added to the five places he already had after his collision with Romain Grosjean in Monaco.

Depending on where he qualifies, he could face an extra penalty in the race. Last year if a driver could not take a complete grid penalty – due to qualifying well down the grid – the remaining places carried over for one race.

However, this season any penalty places not taken translate into penalties in the current race. If one to five places are not taken, the driver will have a 5s time penalty at his first pit stop, and if it’s six to ten places, that becomes a 10s time penalty. Anything between eleven and twenty places not taken leads to a drive through penalty early in the race.

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