Michelin confirms 2017 F1 contract bid with 18ins tyre size

Michelin has confirmed that it has submitted a bid to the FIA to become F1’s sole tyre supplier for the three-year period from 2017-2019.

Pirelli, currently in the middle of its second three-year contract, is also re-applying for a third term in the role. The deadline for the tender process is this week.

Michelin said on Twitter: “We have submitted our F1 proposal to the FIA 18 inch of course and #drivetothemaxtire for the driver pleasure.”

As the Tweet made clear Michelin is pushing for “racier” tyres, and it wants to have an 18ins low profile size, which would gel with what it does in categories such as Formula E and the WEC.

However, F1 insiders remain unconvinced about that route. The wheels would be heavier – Pirelli says its GP2 test car gained 4.5kgs per corner – and it would require all teams to undertake a total redesign of brake and suspension systems.

There are also commercial aspects to the decision, as Pirelli has been paying large sums for trackside advertising and so to the Formula One organisation, and clearly Michelin would be expected to match that commitment.

Michelin was previously involved in the sport from 1977 to 1984, and again from 2001 to 2006, winning a total of 102 Grands Prix. Bridgestone was the sole tyre supplier from 2007 to 2010, before its withdrawal led to Pirelli returning to the sport.


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8 responses to “Michelin confirms 2017 F1 contract bid with 18ins tyre size

  1. Off Track

    Not too likely then ……. but I’ll be hopping mad if Michelin return to F1 just as Kimi retires, if that is when he does. They were one of the ingredients that made him the best.

  2. Stone the crows

    I can’t wait for the FiA to start issuing tyre tokens to Michelin and Pirelli. The possibility of having manufacturer’s openly competing with one another unimpeded is anathema to the sport right now.

  3. petes

    Let’s see if I got this right……
    Michelin wants in; bid submitted to FIA. Their (FIA’s) decision.
    All good so far….
    This bit…..’commercial aspects to the decision’….
    That’s FOM’s (Bernie’s/CVC) problem. Solely.
    Don’t mix the two up….No need for them to match the commitment.

  4. floodo1

    If Michelin wins hopefully they don’t have a repeat of the Indianapolis incident. And if Pirelli wins hopefully they don’t have a repeat of the ‘secret’ testing controversy.

    Makes sense because I was always a Bridgestone fan (-8

  5. GeorgeK

    The ONLY common element in F1 should be the tires. Everyone gets one kind of dry tire that will, in theory, last a race distance. Teams still get to play with tire pressures, camber, etc. Fill up the tank and go race.

    Will pit stops be necessary? Only if the aero needs adjusting or a driver manages to flat spot a tire or burns up his rubber due to poor setup choices.

    The WORST that can happen is 2 competing tires as each will try and get the lightest tire with the thinnest wall and grippiest compound. And endless testing of tires.

    This was (I believe) what led to the tire fiasco at Indy when Michelin did not have time to test a racy tire on a high download track that was also very course. And the teams will demand lighter gripper tires to beat the competition .

    Bad idea all around.

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