Michael Schumacher: “There’s going to be some excitement…”

Michael Schumacher will start his final Grand Prix in Brazil from an unlucky 13th place, having gained a place from his original position thanks to Pastor Maldonado’s penalty.

The former champion is determined to go out on a high, and says that a move towards a wet set-up handicapped him today but will help him in Sunday’s rain – although most top drivers say that there’s not much that can be done these days to tune a car for the wet.

“It was obviously not very exciting, quite honestly,” he said when asked about his day by this writer. “Yesterday looked pretty reasonable, today we didn’t look that strong in comparison so what we were able to do yesterday.

“Obviously I was focussing a little bit more towards tomorrow, on top of this one I didn’t get the tyres spot-on for their use, so as a combination we ended up where we did. Nevertheless I don’t think we had a great potential for qualifying, but we probably have a reasonable car for tomorrow.”

As to whether getting to the finish would be a priority, he said: “It’s not important climbing out of the car at the end of the race, it’s important what position I might do so, and obviously the better the more exciting it will be.

“From where I come I feel a little bit off-set, so there’s going to be some excitement, particularly in the conditions that we face tomorrow. I very much look forward to this, because that offers lots more opportunities.”


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2 responses to “Michael Schumacher: “There’s going to be some excitement…”

  1. Loti

    For three years now I have been wishing and hoping…. I think I may be all wished out! What a sad end to a brilliant story, pottering around in the mid-field, hoping to end up in the points after a six race pointless run. Of course I shall be watching but more in the hope that Michael gets some satisfaction [Rolling Stones link?] than anything more. Never mind, I have every race of the great years to watch, and very happy memories.
    My daughter has been given a ticket to the Stones concert, she doesn’t want to go but its corporate so she has too….. still, she says there will be lots of drink so should pass painlessly!
    Thanks, Adam for somewhere to have a bit of a rant! Us oldies have to let off steam occasionally,
    ps. I still think Mercedes have let the side down big time and would save a little face if they didn’t keep making ‘we are getting better’ remarks.

  2. pollerunner

    You know corporate talk and behavior….

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