Honda not ready to supply second F1 team

McLaren and Honda insist that the 2015 project has not suffered because of the lack of a second team to help log mileage on the troublesome new power unit.

Honda F1 chief Yasuhisa Arai says that there is still no plan in place to expand to a second supply for next season.

“It’s a good idea but we don’t have any such kind of plan,” said Arai. “I concentrate on McLaren-Honda, one team, that’s it.”

“I do agree with Arai-san,” said McLaren team boss Eric Boullier. “I think the project is not mature enough to take over a second team. I think a lot of [the] job can be done on dynos before we think about having a distraction of a second team.”


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8 responses to “Honda not ready to supply second F1 team

  1. Leone

    While Honda is taking the blame for the power units continuing failures, I wonder how much of a factor the chassis/packaging/electrics side from the Woking squad has had an adverse effect on the program.

  2. Stone the crows

    When Formula 1 has its awards banquet for the 2015 season they should give Eric Boullier the “understatement of the year” award for: “I think the project is not mature enough to take over a second team.” 8 points and how many DNFs? The project isn’t mature enough for winter testing. Cannot help but think this has more to do with management and structure of the company’s decision making process than it is with the technical aspects of this MGU-K. We saw the same problems when Toyota was in F-1, they were trying mightily to do things their way, to the point that they seemed to ignore the fact that the other teams were structured differently and made their decisions in a different way because it worked.

  3. Robert McKay

    “I think a lot of [the] job can be done on dynos before we think about having a distraction of a second team.”

    Translation: noone else is ****ing crazy enough to want a Honda engine at the moment except maybe ART coming into F1, but who’s got the money to make THAT happen?

  4. DW

    Is Honda ready to supply a first team?

    Adam, how about a list of all the promises Ron and Eric have made since taking over from Whitmarsh that have turned out to be blatant lies … from title sponsors, to wins, points, etc.

    • GeorgeK

      “..blatant lies…”
      Rather harsh, wouldn’t you say? Unfulfilled expectations are a far cry from blatant lies, unless we absolutely know the facts of when the statements were made.

      As a McLaren fan I had the highest of hopes of McHonda hitting the ground flying and pressing MB and Ferrari for race wins this year. And Ron, to his credit, has bitten his tongue under the most trying of circumstances, which is to be expected as poor Boullier has to make the statements and suffer the recriminations of us fans.

      • DW

        I suppose Boullier’s history of BLATANT LIES before he joined McLaren went unnoticed by many of the McFans … but certainly not by Ron, who was clearly a huge fan of the flawed trait … as we saw with his part in the whole stolen Ferrari data episode and all that followed. No surprise then that honesty & integrity driven Whitmarsh had to make way when Ron needed someone he knew was cut from the same cloth as himself …

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