Lotus able to run after making Pirelli payment

Lotus will be able to take part in the Hungarian GP weekend after Pirelli released the Enstone team’s tyres this morning.

A commercial issue, understood to involve a late payment, meant that Pirelli held onto the tyres overnight. The tyres had not even been mounted and prepared, as the rims and blankets remained at the Lotus truck.

Although the team was able to indicate last night that payment would be made, it was only this morning – presumably as a result of the banks opening in Europe – that the transfer was confirmed.

Team principal Matthew Carter was in phone contact with Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery, who was still en route to the track, and at 9.10am the team was given permission to take possession of the tyres. Deputy team principal Federico Gastaldi even helped to transport the crates of empty rims to the Pirelli truck.

Hembery would only say: “They will be in P1. Everything’s fine.”

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One response to “Lotus able to run after making Pirelli payment

  1. LRM

    Just more of “normal business practices” by Lotus. Nothing to see here, move along…

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