Wolff “relieved” after FIA takes no action against Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has kept his Italian GP victory after an investigation by the FIA involving the tyre pressures on his car.

Tyre pressures have been a major talking point this weekend after the problems in Spa, and Pirelli made it clear that teams had to respect its mandated minimums for safety reasons. Unusually the pressures of the top four cars were measured at the last minute on the grid.

While the Ferraris were above the limit, one of Hamilton’s tyres was 0.3psi below the limit, and one of team mate Nico Rosberg’s was 1.1psi below. This was duly reported to the stewards.

However, after a long post-race investigation the FIA eventually concluded that the tyre pressures were in fact legal “when they were fitted to the car.”

The FIA added: “The stewards recommend that the tyre manufacturer and the FIA hold further meetings to provide clear guidance to the teams on measurement protocols.”

Team boss Toto Wolff said: “We were exactly on the minimum pressures like we should have been when the tyres were put on the car. I don’t know where the discrepancy came from, but it was not procedural and it was not a mistake done by the team in order to gain an advantage.

“Always being called to the stewards you are nervous after such a victory, having lost Nico’s car two laps to the end. So I’m a little bit relieved after that now.”


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6 responses to “Wolff “relieved” after FIA takes no action against Hamilton

  1. Rob

    What a complete farce all this has been!

    If the tire pressure issue on the Mercs was deemed against the rules as it was dangerous – Then surely the official that took the pressures and reported them for it should have been obliged to notify the team on the start line.

    It would have been interesting to see the race officials statement if one of those tires had failed during the race and word had gotten out that they knew its under pressured….

  2. Lars

    Whatever happened to rules are rules. Period. Minute you start deciding which ones to enforce you are lost in the wilderness. Bad call by race officials.

  3. floodo1

    it wasn’t “one of the tires” it was the left rear specifically. coincidence??

    I might actually agree with the stewards here that Mercedes complied with the regulations and the spot check on the grid was unnecessary. Just hard to dismiss the conspiracy theory left-rear is a little too convenient story (-8

    • anon

      It is more a case of the FIA having a very badly designed test – the reason why they mentioned the rear left tyre in the report is because that was the only tyre that the FIA actually tested.

  4. DW

    It’s no big surprise … Mercedes broke the rules on got off penalty free, again.

    • GeorgeK

      They can’t needlessly piss off the major engine supplier for the entire series, can they? It’s like the old saying, “if you owe a bank a million dollars, they got you; if you owe the bank a billion dollars, you got them.”

      Sam applies to the engine suppliers. Only 2 for now, as Honda and Renault (if anyone would have either of them) are only doing factory teams, no customers.

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