I’ve learned a lot at Ferrari says Gutierrez as Haas beckons

Esteban Gutierrez says he’s learned a lot from his season at Ferrari, despite his limited time in the car.

Gutierrez, who is set to continue his relationship with Maranello by driving for Ferrari-supported Haas in 2016, has conducted only two test days in Spain in Austria. However, he has spent a lot of time in the simulator and with the team on race weekends.

“So much, if I bring you the whole list it will probably take two hours to do the interview!,” he said when asked by BBC TV what he’d learned. “It’s been a great experience. I feel very grateful that Ferrari has adopted me and given me this opportunity to be here, having the reference of two World Champions, the best mechanics and engineers, an amazing team principal. I learned a lot from him as well.”

Meanwhile the Mexican continues to duck questions about his future.

“It’s not the right time to announce my plans for next season yet. We are working very hard, for the moment things are going positively, but still we need to wait and see.

“Of course, this is no secret, my intention is to be racing. As I said I put all my bets to go through a different line. The decision which was made at the end of last year was pretty risky, but things are going in a positive way. It’s a matter of patience.”


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2 responses to “I’ve learned a lot at Ferrari says Gutierrez as Haas beckons

  1. Come on Gene, Rossi has to be the second driver in your new team…

  2. Off Track

    Aside from all that he has learned with the scuderia, EG has also had a year of special tv exposure, singled out by fom cameras for at least one 5 to 10 second close up in the red garage every single race in 2015. For his part, he gave them his best “la vache qui ri” smile each time, job done.

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