Bernie Ecclestone: “I can’t make these people do something…”

Bernie Ecclestone said today that he doesn’t know whether Dietrich Mateschitz will follow through on his threat to withdraw from F1 if Red Bull cannot find a competitive engine package for its two teams.

The F1 boss insisted in Sochi that he has no inside knowledge of what direction the Austrian billionaire will take.

I am not worried because I don’t know,” he said. “I worry when I have to worry. If they leave? It is bad for F1, bad for the sport.”

Asked when he expected an answer from Red Bull he said: “They don’t have to give me any answers. They are in the championship. If they don’t turn up, we’ll know.”

Meanwhile Ecclestone made it clear that he’s frustrated that Mercedes opted not to work with Red Bull.

They are supplying other people with no problems. Mercedes made a deal with Marussia, although I understand that Red Bull had asked for an engine before they dealt with Marussia. But I guess they looked at it as, if we supply engines to Red Bull, maybe they can beat us. If we supply engines to Marussia, maybe they won’t.”

Bernie also admitted there’s a limit to what he can do to convince Mercedes or Ferrari to supply a competitive engine.

I can’t make these people do something. The only thing we can do is to stop them selling more than three teams with engines. That we can do. They can only have the right to supply three teams. We want them to supply more.”

Asked if Mateschitz was relying on his advice Ecclestone said: “He’s thinking about what he wants to do.”


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2 responses to “Bernie Ecclestone: “I can’t make these people do something…”

  1. GeorgeK

    “….although I understand that Red Bull had asked for an engine before they dealt with Marussia.”

    Sooo, either Bernie or Lauda is about to experience a Pinnochio moment? Lauda has previously stated there was never a serious request from Red Bull regarding engine supply.

    This being F1 It wouldn’t surprise me to see both noses growing exponentially!

  2. Power units is a road to nowhere: just get a modern equivalent of DFV. As BMW’S DTM boss says, these things are invisible to fans, a waste of time & space. I hope RBR/STR quit because they’re 100% right despite mishandling the Renault situation in PR terms. The worst F1 rules & cars ever. Meh. I dragged meself to F1 testing in 2015 but won’t make the same mistake again in 2016. Power yourselves to hybrid boredom, I’ll stay at home and sip on port instead.

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