Ecclestone says he feels sorry for US fans after wet weekend

Bernie Ecclestone says he feels sorry for the US GP spectators whose weekend was spoiled by the weather.

The F1 boss admitted that he was relieved that the race was finally run, as at some points during the weekend there were doubts about it. On Saturday fans were locked out while FP3 took place.

“It was good wasn’t it?,” Ecclestone told this writer after the race. “When you think about it, if we had talked about this on Friday, we wouldn’t have been so excited. Really, this morning it may have been that we couldn’t have had a race.

“So everything was good in the end. I think everybody enjoyed it, it was a good race, and the result was a big question mark right until the end.”

Regarding the fans he said: “Everything was pity yesterday with the rain, everybody suffered. I feel sorry for the spectators, but there’s not much we can do about it.”


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3 responses to “Ecclestone says he feels sorry for US fans after wet weekend

  1. petes

    ….feels sorry, but the money’s in the bank so all’s good with the world….:-)

    • @petes, Do you feel the same when your iPhone breaks?

      Bernie is part of a group that sells a product. We fans but that product. Shut up already with the senseless Bernie bashing. Yes he needs to see that we fans are a huge part of his and his company’s success but everytime I read a comment about anything F1 related there’s a comment about how Bernie sucks…

  2. Stone the crows

    Good thing it was raining so no one could see the trail of tears as Bernie cried all the way to the bank.

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