Bob Bell quits Manor F1 team

Manor technical consultant Bob Bell has joined the exodus from the team by resigning.

Yesterday it emerged that team principal John Booth and sporting director Graeme Lowdon had tendered their resignations, although they will stay on until the end of the season.

Bell’s arrival was announced by the team on June 1. He did not have a hands-on involvement with the car, but he was overseeing a restructure of the team, and he played a key role in putting together the engine deal with former employer Mercedes, and in securing a gearbox supply from Williams.

“He’s been really active in some of these negotiations,” Booth told this writer recently. “Of course he has close contacts at the highest level with all these people. It’s more commercially where he’s been involved. His knowledge is very valuable.”

Bell worked at Enstone for many years, even briefly holding the title of acting team principal, and his name has been linked with a return to the Lotus/Renault organisation.


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5 responses to “Bob Bell quits Manor F1 team

  1. You can’t fire him ’cause he quit. This is it.

  2. peterg

    It would be a shame to see a team, that now has a competitive Merc/Williams rear end, go the way of so many F1 new entrants in recent history.

  3. ronmon

    They’re starting to look like an F1 version of NASCAR’s “start and park” teams. These defections cannot be a good sign.

  4. GeorgeK

    When the technical leadership abandon an owner that just rescued the team sends the message that the end is near.

    Ownership can’t find sponsorship and is unwilling to pump more equity into a losing proposition. Which begs the question, why jump into the team at all???

  5. Steve W

    Even the skinny lady is singing… “It’s Over”.

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