Clock is ticking as Red Bull engine search continues

Red Bull continues to search for an engine deal for 2016 as the weeks tick away to the start of next season.

The team has had talks with Honda, who agreed with the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone that they have to supply two teams in its second season. However McLaren has a right of veto over any choice of team.

At the moment we are right on the limit to be at the first test,” said team boss Christian Horner. “The team in Milton Keynes have demonstrated their ability to work to massively tight deadlines and I am sure we will be able to meet whatever targets we need to as long as we come to a decision in the next couple of weeks.

We are working hard to find a solution and behind the scenes there is an awful lot going on to try to achieve that – certain obstacles are being placed in our way, when the time is right we will sit down with all you guys to say what we are doing.

We have a great team, we have worked really hard to build this team and I am determined that we will be here next year but we need to have a strong and bright future as well. This team is too strong to go: that has worked against us because the team is so strong.”

It looks increasingly likely that Red Bull’s only option could be to stick with Renault, possibly doing a deal to use the engine without branding. However Horner is still talking to Honda.

Honda are very keen, but unfortunately they have a contractual status that is between them and McLaren, it is nothing to do with us. It is for them to decide among themselves what they want to do.

I haven’t spoken to anybody from McLaren other than Ron Dennis who is the one guy who has the right of say there. And his views were quite clear.”

He said Red Bull would not be involved in any legal challenge from the FIA or FOM regarding McLaren’s veto.

We will not get involved. Bernie and Jean Todt have made their positions clear regarding the situation, we rely on them to deal with that. That is a discussion between those two parties.”


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9 responses to “Clock is ticking as Red Bull engine search continues

  1. ACx

    Oh man, its Renault. Its always been Renault.

    Merc and Ferrari were never going to be stupid enough to give their PUs to RBR, and McLaren would never do a deal with Honda which allowed an outfit like RBR to take advantage of their development sacrifices. The contract RBR had with Renault was never fully severed, as RBR knew they would probably have to use Renault. All this was a misjudged game to try to grab better engines from people who would never relinquish them by trying to frighten Bernie and Todt in to making them. THis whole story / saga is the biggest load of old nonsense I’ve sen in F1 for years. I mean, when ever in the history of F1 has an exclusive works team or manufacturer team given its great engine to a direct credible competitor? IIRC, Renault agree to supply Benetton while Williams previously had it to themselves back in the early / mid 90’s. Disaster for Williams.

    Im will to be a whole 50p that the 2016 RBR car has long been designed to use the Renault PU, with some side plans just in case somehow they managed to black mail Bernie in to forcing one of the other to give up their precious engine.

    Sorry, I cant belive F1 journalists bought in to this game of RBR’s.

    • DW

      I’m sorry … but you have more info than the people who spend their weekends in the paddock and their weeks in transit with the F1 circus?

      • anon

        Well, earlier this year we saw that almost every single motorsport reporter was utterly convinced that Button would be announcing his retirement at the Japanese GP – instead, we had the exact opposite occur when Ron Dennis announced that Button would be staying on for 2016.

        Yes, it is true that those within the F1 circus may be more likely to be right, but they are not entirely infallible – it is certainly possible that Red Bull will, begrudgingly, remain Renault’s partner for 2016, however much Marko may wish to deny it.

  2. Mick

    I think Honda / McLaren would have a reasonable case to say they aren’t in a position to supply a 2nd team next year. It’s an understatement to say that the project hasn’t met target this year. Two cars have used 22 engines, with a major re-design for next year who is to say the situation may not be repeated. Could Honda produce 44 engines for 2 teams without compromising one or both? I doubt it.

  3. GeorgeK

    I for one am highly amused over the extended time this dance is taking to conclude. Mateschitz and Horner can proclaim to the high heavens how “hard they are working” to resolve this when everybody now knows the ONLY answer open to them is Renault.

    Shut up, reconfirm your Renault deal, and get on with it!

    • DW

      I don’t know so much … it seems the only manufacturer keen on supplying an engine is Honda, and Red Bull are willing to take it.

      The only obstacle is McLaren’s veto, which I’m sure can be challenged somehow by the FIA, Bernie or even Honda if they really wanted to go toe-to-toe with Ron … in which case Ron would be between a rock and a hard place.
      If Red Bull show the engine to be not as bad as it’s looked in the back of the McLaren, or if Honda have to deal with a McLaren court battle over engines so early in the relationship it won’t bode well for the future.

      Just thinking aloud here, but what if the behind the scenes ‘other option’ being spoke about is a supply of ‘Mugen’ branded engines to Red Bull. Ron probably couldn’t block that?

      • GeorgeK

        I think the Honda staff are being somewhat disingenuous in their “eager to supply” comment. They can come off as the nice guys Knowing Ron will squash the supply to RB possibility. As for the FIA they have proven themselves to be toothless tigers.

        Why in heaven’s name would Honda, or ANY mfg want to supply RB and then be subject to all manner of criticism when the engines don’t work to perfection? And we all know there will be continuing issues for Honda in year 2.

  4. GeorgeK

    Oh yes, the only factor they can be “working on” is how badly will Renault gouge them on the cost of next year’s units, and the severity of the gag restrictions Renault will demand.

    • tony

      If I was Mateschitz, I would also get out. F1 is sick to the bone, even if you want to compete the 2 big teams won’t allow you. Toto is the new godfather. What a sport this has become.

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