“Pressured” Symonds wants to postpone F1 rule changes to 2018

Pat Symonds has suggested that the technical rule changes currently intended for 2017 should be postponed for a year – a reflection of the fact that there is still an ongoing debate about exactly what direction the sport should take, and that time is running out.

The significance is that the Williams chief technical officer is one of the main architects of the new package, and as such has been at the heart of the discussions since the F1 Strategy Group asked for faster and more spectacular cars.

The 2017 rules are supposed to be fully defined by March 1st, but there remains a chance that next week’s F1 Strategy Group and Commission meetings could agree that more time is needed, if others share the views of Symonds.

“There are two technical regulation meetings yet to take place,” Symonds said at the Autosport show today. “One at the end of this month, one in February, before the 2017 rules are established by the beginning of March. So yes, we are getting into some of the details rather than the fundamentals.

“Are they right, are they wrong? I think that’s not what the Strategy Group are talking about right now. The Strategy Group gave a mandate as to what the cars should be like for 2017, and we’ve been working on it. I think now the Strategy Group are moving on, and they are looking at the sporting aspects rather than the technical aspects.

“Will we produce a good car? I don’t know. I think we’ve still got work to do on it. I do feel a little bit rushed, a little bit pressured. I think that personally we’re trying to move a little bit too quickly without establishing the basic principles to work from. I’d be much happier if things moved on to 2018 rather than ’17 for new rules, and we spent a year really researching what’s needed. But that’s probably a cry in the wilderness.”


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9 responses to ““Pressured” Symonds wants to postpone F1 rule changes to 2018

  1. Please, we want tyres that last 3 laps and even more thermal efficiency, we love the story F1’s been telling us for the last 2 years. Let the 50 shades of Merc(-powered teams) continue, why change?

  2. Brian

    “Cries in the wilderness” is one of F1’s strong suits. Hook that up with Toto’s mastery of of the art of spewing FUD while appearing to be reasonable and you have a sport that no one can resist!

    Oh. Right.

    Round and round they go. Down and down they go…

  3. petes

    Gee they do some strange things…….So someone drummed out of the sport gets to return and become one of the chief architects driving the future. Who’da thunk!
    Well done that man.

  4. DW

    Is anyone here actually looking forward to the season ahead?

    Every year I’m less and less interested in when the launches and tests are, and less in a rush to see any results. I find I’m not watching the official practice sessions and only really watch qualifying and the race … if I’m home.

    And so far I’m even less enthusiastic about 2016 than previous seasons …

    So, to read that we could have to watch this procession any longer than necessary, doesn’t exactly excite me …

    • petes

      In short, NO!

      But I’m going to hang around a bit longer. Been following since 1954 and don’t give up old habits easily 🙂

      • GeorgeK

        Come on guys, give it a chance! Lots to look forward to; a resurgent Ferrari with a 4 time WDC, a new Haas team on the grid, a Lewis- Nico fight for the front, Renault expectations, McLaren expectations, potential humiliation for RedBull…….and so much more.

        I for one can’t wait!

    • Jon

      DW, that is actually exactly how I feel. I am less excited each year it seems, but I keep watching, hoping to see things get better, not wanting to miss it if something exciting happens. I’m not sure how long I can keep this hope going though. I think my interests started waning during the later years of Red Bull domination, and have continued downward with the MB domination. Not even about if my team does well, just tired of the one team domination, where they can’t be touched.

  5. Steve W

    Where’s that giant flushing sound coming from?

  6. I luv chicken

    DW, spot on. For the first time in over 40 years I did not order a copy of Autocourse, and for me that in itself tells me everything I need to know about my interest level. In my youth I thought that I’d look forward to becoming one of those Rolex wearing enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there’s nothing left in the F1 Book of Excitement , that can make me look forward to the new season.
    It’s getting very close to becoming ” lipstick on a pig”.

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