Manor F1 chassis to be called MRT

The re-branded Manor Racing team’s chassis is to be called MRT, as in ‘Manor Racing Team,’ sources have confirmed.

The new car, which recently passed its final crash test, will thus be run as an MRT-Mercedes. The Marussia name, which had to be used for the chassis last year, has now been dropped completely.

The team confirmed earlier today that it would henceforth be known as Manor Racing, having been Manor Marussia F1 Team last year, and latterly Manor F1 Team.

Bernie Ecclestone is keen on initials for teams that do not have a strong heritage, and in the past persuaded the Hispania Racing Team to run as HRT, and Midland to run as MF1. At one stage there was a possibility that Caterham would morph into CF1, prior to the team’s closure.

Such generic names also potentially make it easier for new owners to take them over, and add their own names to the mix.


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7 responses to “Manor F1 chassis to be called MRT

  1. Why not FTW F1? “For the Win F1” – sounds pretty noble to me.

  2. Interesting stuff on Bernie Ecclestone’s wishes. But why does he prefer initials over actual names?

  3. Robert McKay

    Mr T?

    I pity the fool…

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