COTA says 2016 US GP is now confirmed


The Circuit of the Americas has ended doubts about the 2016 US GP by stating that the race has now been confirmed, having been listed as provisional on the FIA calendar.

There was a question mark over the event due to the reduced funding made available by the Texas Major Events Trust Fund.

However, COTA today used the unusual medium of a press release about a Saturday night Taylor Swift concert to confirm that the fifth F1 event at the venue is going ahead after all.

We are so happy to confirm F1’s return to COTA as well as Taylor Swift’s headline performance,” said Chairman and CEO Bobby Epstein. “We can’t think of a better way to mark this important five-year milestone for F1 in Austin.

Since we first hosted this event in 2012, we have gained a lot of knowledge and insight that has allowed us to make significant annual improvements to the event that we are confident will continue to establish the US GP as the stand-out race weekend on F1’s calendar.”


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6 responses to “COTA says 2016 US GP is now confirmed

  1. petes

    That’s great to hear.

  2. CKN

    Wrong car on the poster: shoulda been the anteater Ferrari.

  3. floodo1

    I bet a lot of F1 fans rejoice about the chance to see Taylor Swift live in concert!!

    Maybe spend less money on irrelevant headliners and use that to pay Bernie??

    • GeorgeK

      ‘eff Bernie, he’s getting his pound of flesh!
      Taylor Swift may be a poor choice, but at the least their doing SOMETHING to promote the event, as opposed to ‘effin Bernie and ‘efin do nothing to promote the sport CVC.

    • flood01, you do understand that in order to actually make money, the promoters have to bring in headliners like this? Bernie and FOM rape these promoters.

  4. CTP

    I’m considering going – and Taylor Swift would be the sweetener to make the event palatable to my family – so, does anyone know if the concert is included as part of the GP ticket, or it is a separate entity? Thanks.

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