Ecclestone dismisses efforts of GPDA

Bernie Ecclestone has downplayed the efforts of the GPDA to give the drivers more of a voice in how the sport is run.

Last week the organisation sent an open letter outlining the views of the organisation’s members, but Ecclestone insists that they are only saying what the teams tell them to.

They can say what they like,” said Ecclestone. “This is the whole thing. They can’t do anything. They can give an opinion, and everyone has got an opinion. It is really their discussions with their team, and the team has got a voice. They are only saying what the teams have told them to say. They think it is better. They think people listen to drivers – you are listening to them.”

Asked if he was surprised that the drivers had become vocal Bernie said that GPDA chairman Alex Wurz was responsible: “They’ve got this whathisname, this Austrian guy…”

Meanwhile Niki Lauda denied that the teams had anything to do with the contents of the letter, and also suggested that Wurz was the driving force.

Mr Wurz got together and spoke in the name of all the drivers,” said Lauda. “The first time in his life. Another Austrian! This is all bullshit. This is Wurz alone, I can guarantee it. To Lewis you can’t speak anyway, you guys must know.

But Wurz was the master of this. We had nothing to do with it. I was surprised that they spoke the same way as we do! Alex is not stupid, he’s OK. But he now seems to be the president or whatever he is, and starts talking.”


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2 responses to “Ecclestone dismisses efforts of GPDA

  1. Brian

    Adam, I expect I’m far from the only one who is dearly tired of Bernie’s “mischief” and plutocratic arrogance. (I wonder if he’s still insisting that Las Vegas run their race down the strip – LOL)

    It sure will be entertaining to watch this “sport” when Bernie goes. The whole thing will probably be converted into a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. Formula M.

    Loved Oliver Brown’s piece in the Telegraph last Thursday.


    What a bunch of moronic dinosaurs. Bernie needs to be gone. F1 has really lost a lot of the edge that it used to have from the V12 and V8 era.

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