Magnussen will start Bahrain GP from pit lane

Kevin Magnussen is set to start the Bahrain GP from the pit lane after failing to stop at a red light for a weight check during FP2.

Such an occurrence, a breach of Article 29.1 of the sporting regulations, is always taken very seriously by the FIA, even if their are mitigating circumstances.

Magnussen was following Dany Kvyat into the pitlane when the red light came on, and apparently there was some confusion over who it was intended for, with the Russian stopping when he was not supposed to.


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5 responses to “Magnussen will start Bahrain GP from pit lane

  1. Mick

    Harsh. A fine and deleting his fastest qualifying time would be fair punishment.

    • GeorgeK

      Agreed. Especially when the guy in front of him stopped giving him doubt over who was supposed to stop?

      Very harsh.

      • DW

        Agreed too … but once again, things that are seemingly obvious to the rest of us are completely missed by those running the sport.

      • petes

        Not when you’re called Charlie and you have an axe to grind….

  2. GeorgeK

    When you qualify 19th a pit lane start isn’t that big a deal. He’ll be entertained getting around the Sauber’s and Manors.

    A test of character, let’s see how he deals with his hosing.

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