Wolff impressed by Hamilton’s maturity

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that Lewis Hamilton’s personal development has been “mind blowing” as he has matured over the past few seasons.

In making his case Wolff cited how the World Champion reacted to the problems he experienced in qualifying in China today.

Having failed to complete a flying lap rather than express frustration Hamilton went out of way to to show his support for the Mercedes crew.

“He’s in a great place,” said Wolff when asked if we were seeing a new Lewis this year. “The development I’ve seen in him as a personality is mind blowing, over the last three years he’s been with the team. He’s won two championships and found himself, I think, as a person.

“You can imagine how much pressure he is under with all the people who criticise, and nevertheless he follows his instinct, he follows his way, and that seems to be functioning. And for the team it’s great. We have two very competitive drivers who are in good spirits and who have integrated so well in the team and give energy to the team and push the team forward.

“The Lewis I’ve seen today coming back straight into the garage after such a situation and shaking everybody’s hand, giving a little clap of support, it just leaves me with my mouth open.”

Told later of Wolff’s comments Hamilton agreed that he’s much more comfortable this year.

“Firstly that’s very warming to hear that from Toto, someone I respect highly, and who has been a real part of this journey that I’m on,” he said. “It is just a part of the growing process. Since I’ve been in F1 my friends have been ‘you don’t know who you are,’ and I guess searching for yourself… I just feel comfortable in who I am, and I’m happy. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s definitely a positive, there’s no negatives in it. I hope it can reflect in a much better result than it’s looking like at the moment this year.”

Lewis stressed that he’s focussing all his energy on the future.

“For sure my mentality is perhaps a little bit different, more relaxed. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy, I’m fighting for the World Championship, and at the moment, [Nico is] walking away with it. There’s a long, long way to go, so there’s no real need to be too stressed about it, there’s no reason to dwell on what just happened an hour ago, because there’s nothing I can do.

“All I can do is try and shape the future, and that’s really what I’m trying to put my energy towards. Zero energy to what’s behind me, 100% energy to what’s in front.”


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11 responses to “Wolff impressed by Hamilton’s maturity

  1. Albert

    Give me a break Toto. Lewis is a 3 time WORLD CHAMPION F1 driver. I’m not all that sure your review of his “maturity” is relevant.

    I’ll be up watching in the wee hours here on the East Coast of the USA and my major interest (along with the new Haas team) will be in watching how Lewis works his way through the field.

    Go Mr. Hamilton!

    • Ian Leapingwell

      I agree with Toto. Hamilton seems to be more relaxed and in a better place than at any time in his F1 career. He was stifled at McL which may have been part of the problem and we all saw that he quite often behaved rather badly. So it’s good to see that he is definitely growing up as a person and so in stature. A three time World Champion who drives the socks off his car. He’ll win more titles for sure, but I hope Nico bags this one and that Lewis will be gracious in defeat. That is the mark of a truly accomplished sportsman.
      I don’t imagine anyone can argue against the fact that Lewis is now right up there with the other greats like Mansell, Prost and Senna.
      Keep on keeping on Lewis. I wasn’t always a fan, but I am now.

  2. GeorgeK

    Well, Albert, what did you think? Did Lewis finish 7th because of or in spite of his 15 pitstops? At least it seemed like 15 (4 or 5 actual)???

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’d rather see the surly cranky paranoid Lewis, who did anything to stay up front, as opposed to the kinder, gentler, losing Lewis.

    Maybe hindsight, but why didn’t they start him from the pits?

  3. Off Track

    While Merc is still ahead of Ferrari as evidenced by Rosberg:
    HAM last to p7
    RAI last to p5

    Someone had a good race in spite of his team mate taking him out!

    • GeorgeK

      You’re not suggesting it was deliberate, are you? Seb was the meat in a 3 wide sandwich and got pushed out into Kimi. Or Kimi came down on Seb. If your looking for fault blame Kimi for not leaving Seb enough room.

      • Off Track

        Seb was behind both and so had both in his field of vision. He is much too good a driver to just plough into another car, plus there was plenty of space there for Kvyat to take. Seb should have lifted, off could have lifted off, but chose not to.
        So yes, I am saying it was deliberate.

      • **Paul**

        If you watch the reply you see Vettel lock up his brakes trying desperately to avoid Kimi after he has to move left slightly to avoid Kvyat, whilst at the same time Kimi turns in more sharply.

        Pure racing incident, and to be honest if I were apportioning blame I think Kimi would get the highest amount for turning across the track and exciting cars on his inside to move.

      • DW

        George … Off Track is clearly off track in his ability to assess what he’s watching.

        While the space was definitely there for Kyvat, the speed at which he came through and entered Sebs peripheral vision is almost certainly what ‘spooked’ Seb into turning away from him. Unfortunately Kimi was also turning in at the same time and they made contact. No blame due anywhere … each driver did what was right for them at the time, and the combination of those actions had certain consequences.

      • Off Track

        Lol, DW is Definitely Wrong about that 🙂

  4. Steve Wyant

    Adam, too many o’s and not enough f’s in Toto’s name on your headline there…

  5. GeorgeK

    Sorry OT,can’t agree, at worst an unlucky racing incident. No driver would risk damage to his own car to take out another, especially on the opening lap, doubly so if it’s his teammate.

    Check that last statement, I forgot about Lewis taking out Nico over the last 2 seasons. But they were fighting for the lead, Seb and Kimi were bottled up with nowhere to go.

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