Mercedes submits appeal over Rosberg’s penalty

Mercedes has lodged an intention to appeal with the FIA regarding the decision that saw Nico Rosberg docked 10 seconds in the British GP results, and which dropped him to third place behind Max Verstappen.

In effect the team has bought itself time to assess the situation, and it can now decide whether to proceed with the appeal or withdraw it. Had it not appealed the results would have been final today.

The key to the decision was the team telling Rosberg how to deal with his seventh gear problem.


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5 responses to “Mercedes submits appeal over Rosberg’s penalty

  1. Mick

    I’d be willing to bet that after they have chewed this over they won’t go ahead with the appeal. Confirming to Rosberg that he could go through 7th gear & use 8th was an obvious slip up. Salvaging third from an impending ‘terminal failure’ is a good result.

    If a 10 second penalty is going to be a benchmark for future similar advice to drivers you can bet someone will be facing the stewards for this at every race as it is a small price to pay to avoid a retirement.

  2. I thought a 10 second time penalty was one of the sanctions that was not subject to appeal, per article 38.3 of the F1 sporting regs.

    • Ketu

      Mark : that’s what I thought too. But every comment or email on clarifying this topic ; I get no answers from / on any websites or twitter. (including F1fanatic). Hope Adam will check and answer,

  3. Ketu

    Mick below is copied from the on line f1 regulations.
    Hence the question remains. Why is everyone talking about appeal when 10 second penalty is not subject to appeal. The only problem i have is that this part is related to… Incidents

    If either of the four penalties above are imposed during the last three laps, or after the end of a race, Article 38.4(b) below will not apply and five seconds will be added to the elapsed race time of the driver concerned in the case of (a) above, 10 seconds in the case of (b), 20 seconds in the case of (c) and 30 seconds in the case of (d).
    e) A time penalty.
    f) A reprimand.
    If any of the six penalties above are imposed they shall not be subject to appeal.

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