Caterham buyer Engavest enters arbitration proceedings with Fernandes

The first step of legal proceedings between the purchasers of Caterham F1 and the original owners has commenced.

Swiss-based consortium Engavest SA bought MRT1 – the company that owns the entry – at the end of June. However after the management it put in place had run the team for several months it emerged that the original owners had not handed over the shares.

At the same time the associated Caterham Sports company went into the hands of the administrators, who in turn then gained control of the whole team.

Engavest is seeking compensation, and has now began a process of arbitration with Tony Fernandes and his partners with a view to coming to a resolution.


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3 responses to “Caterham buyer Engavest enters arbitration proceedings with Fernandes

  1. Marcus

    without needing to go to court,or to make the proceedings/settlement public, more to the point

  2. Off Track

    The word ‘compensation’ coming soon after the word ‘seeking’ indicates that Adam is facing decades of reporting if he is to see this case to its conclusion 🙂

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