Raikkonen: “Personally I have nothing against Max…”

The fallout of Max Verstappen’s eventful Belgian GP dominated conversation in Monza today, with both Ferrari drivers reiterating their views about the Dutchman’s defensive driving.

Kimi Raikkonen suggested that the FIA should be more consistent.

I think it’s quite clear what they are,” said Raikkonen of the rules. “And obviously sometimes you feel it’s not correct what happens on circuit, but obviously I think the biggest problem is it’s not always the same. I think as drivers we always discussed it and it’s a bit up and down and I think that could be improved.

Personally I have nothing against Max. He is doing a good job and he’s fast. It’s not a personal thing but certain things, at least in my feeling, were not correct if you have to slow down or brake under full speed but those things are never ending discussions but let’s see what happens.”

I think the thing that we’ve spoken about before and has come up again in Spa was the bit that is the moving under braking,” said Vettel. “Which obviously, as the lead car, is the wrong thing to do. The following car can react but there are situations where you can’t react any more and it will end up in a crash which has been something that we’ve talked about.

I think he understood when we spoke about it so we obviously need to maybe have another chat. But as I said in Spa, I’m not a big fan of running to the stewards and complain there. I think it’s much better if we do it face to face. Unfortunately we haven’t done that yet but I’m sure we will.”

Meanwhile both men gave their views about the first corner accident.

Obviously it was an unfortunate thing,” said Raikkonen. “Not really an awful lot to discuss except probably he said sorry and I said OK and you know we go forward. It wasn’t ideal for us or any of the three to be involved, but that’s how it goes sometimes. So next time we try to give a bit more room but it’s done now.”

It’s clear what happened,” said Vettel. “Obviously I thought there was Kimi on the inside but as it turned out there was three cars. The room that I gave was for Kimi, it was not for three cars because I think Max had a bad start and was out of that fight, but decided not to, so in the end we had three cars with not enough room.

From my side, it’s clear. Obviously if I know that – I can’t see much in the mirrors, I could see that Kimi was there and I was slightly ahead – if I had to do it again, knowing that, I would give a little bit more room, at least I make I don’t know about the cars on the inside then, but I think it was a pity for all three to be involved and not to come out of the corner being able to race for the podium after that.”

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  1. Off Track

    Team mates. One is cool, reticent and dare I say honest in his statements; the other maybe not so much.

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