Adam Cooper logs his 32nd season as a motor racing journalist in 2016. Born just a few days after Jim Clark won the Indy 500, he saw his first F1 race at age 10 in 1976. In his early teens he gained an insight into the sport as a ‘gopher’ for an amateur F2 racer who lived locally. He began freelancing for Autosport magazine in 1985 while still studying business at university, and was subsequently on the fulltime staff from 1987-92. He focussed mainly on the World Sportscar Championship, but also attended F1, IMSA, NASCAR and Champcar races, and served as features editor. He then went freelance again, initially spending two years covering the booming racing scene in Japan, before following the 1994 Champcar series from a base in Indianapolis. He subsequently switched to F1 fulltime, and has not missed a Grand Prix since Suzuka ‘94. Adam still writes for Autosport, and also contributes to Motorsport.com, Motor SportAutoweek and Speedtv.com. He has written books about Eddie Irvine, 60s racer Piers Courage and Michael Schumacher, and was the main contributor to the Official Formula 1 Season Review annual until 2014. In 2012 he worked as a consultant on the Ron Howard film, Rush. To contact him reply with a comment here or try via Twitter @adamcooperF1

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  1. Dhaval

    Nice to find your blog after following your articles on atlas/autosport for many years now.

    I am from NJ, USA and am definitely interested in seeing USF1 in Bahrain. Since your articles also get published on Speedtv.com, I am sure you are close to reality than most of the other journalists.

    What do you think (based on whatever progress you have seen so far) of chances that USF1 would have car ready for Bahrain?

    Also, I hope you do a piece on USf1 as well. I would really like to get a neutral opinion on where things are rather than read biased reports from Varsha and Matchett (their videos are definitely biased and promoting Peter and his venture).

    Though I have a lot of professional respect from the quality that comes out of Matchett, I think he did his friend Peter a favor on some videos.

    Wishing you many more years of professional success.


    • USF1 remains something of a mystery to all of us, and yes you’re right, I should try to find out more. While I have had some e-mail contact with Peter Windsor in recent weeks it has been about our shared interest in Frank Sinatra live recordings and Audrey Hepburn movie soundtracks! The lack of progress reports, or any news at all about commercial deals, is a little strange.

  2. Jomy John

    Its great to find your blog. Found it through a tweet by Eddstrawf1. Looking forward to read more of your articles.

  3. Adam, I remember reading an article by yourself in F1 Racing Magazine on Tom Pryce- the only Welshman to race in F1. This must have been 10 years ago, but I’d be really, really interested to read it again, if you still have it lying about somewhere. I’m writing an article on Pryce for St. Davids day and it would be fantastic to have a read of it. If not is there anywhere you could recommend for good, reliable info on Tom’s life and career?

    Thanks a lot, really enjoying the blog, especially the old article on the 1997 rookies you dug up.

    James Weeks.

    • Hi, the best place for you to start would have to be David Tremayne’s book, The Lost Generation, which covers Tom plus Tony Brise and Roger Williamson. A paperback version is now out, and it should be easy to find on the web. My story is still around somewhere in an old PC – I’ll have to go digging!

  4. Adam,
    I’m journalist in Argentina and your blog is great… The post about Colin Kolles is so clear about the situation with those new teams…

  5. Russell Parrott

    @ James Weeks

    Sorry James but – “Tom Pryce- the only Welshman to race in F1” is wrong. There have been atleast 3 that I know of – here are the other 2

    Jack Lewis (OK – born in England) but from a Welsh family drove in F1 during 1961 – 10 GP’s and actually scored a few points aswell.

    Intially Jack drove Coopers for H&L Motors (& there is a great book out there about H&L but for the life of me I can’t recall it’s title) and then drove for Ecurie Galloise in 1962 with little or no success.

    Then there was Alan Rees – actually born in Wales – OK only took part in 3 GP’s and scored 0 points but … seems starnge not to mention Alan as along with a few other unknown people – think there names were something like Max Mosley and Robin Herd, (sorry can’t recall the 3rd) formed March Engineering. After March Alan became team principal of Shadow Racing Cars, and later with Jackie Oliver co-founded Arrows.

  6. Adam,

    I just wanted to send you a quick hello, and to tell you my life changed for the better at the beginning of last week when I found your blog online. It is now the first and last place I go each day in my need to know about F1 and motor racing in general.

    I’ve been reading your stuff since the On Track Magazine days 25 years ago and have always enjoyed your style, perspective, and your ability to sort fact from fiction.. Keep up the great work, I look forward to many more years of enjoying your work.


  7. Hi Adam (again)

    A bit like Andrew Fort I only found your blog last week and I now check everyday. I love the CooperFiles, looking back is not only great fun but alows us “oldies” – (50) who remember your CooperFile days well before F1 go too boring – not so now. How about creating a.n.other section on your blog dedicated to the “old days”. I am sure you would find new readers and plenty of contributions and I am sure that some of us would love to assist with “memory” articles that you could moderate.

    Anyhow, thanks for the blog the info, good, uptodate and wriiten with a lot of insite – well you do have 25 years or so experience a bit like a certain M Schumacher though I think he has been around a bit longer even if he did take the oap extended cruise for a bit 🙂

  8. Ivan Djodjo

    Hi Adam,
    in one of the Cooper files you asked if there is interest in your old articles. I like all your writing, both old and new but,

    what i’d really like to see is some more stuff on your time in Japan. From bits and pieces in 90’s Autosport (unfortunately mostly obituarys), it seems you had a great time there with racers, races and life in general.

    Did you ever think about writing a book about it? Anyway, it would be nice to see something on your time in Japan on this Blog.

    Ivan Djodjo

    • Thanks for the comment. Funnily enough, I recently found an envelope full of printouts of columns I did for a Japanese magazine that more or less detail the crazy day to day life with the foreign drivers over there. I also have them on old floppies that are no longer readable alas, but when I have time I might retype a few into my PC!

  9. Hey Adam,

    I am the guy that called you on Sunday when you were on the starting grid. It was nice to see you and to at least have someone on the grid acknowledge the fans. :))))
    One of the highlights of my weekend in Montreal was the audience with Joe Saward in Old Town Montreal. Is that something that you might consider doing in the future?

    Keep up the great work and say hi to Joe.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the starting grid in Austin 2012.


    Raja Assily

  10. Chris

    Hi Adam,

    No mention of any wheel size changes with the Pirelli announcement?

    I would loveto see F1 cars with 18″wheels!!

    When will we get details?


    Vancouver, B.C

    • 18ins rims are being held back for 2013 when there will be a whole package of changes, including a new engine. The teams want time to develop new suspension, brakes etc

  11. Adam,

    I got some new book cases at the end of last week, and over the weekend I was going through some old books, look what I uncovered!

    I don’t know how to send you the images, so I posted them to this site:


    Keep up the great reporting.

  12. kaminski

    Really pleased to have discovered your blog, I now have somewhere to read all the interesting news about F1.
    I was actually searching for items related to Lotus and Tony Fernandes and came across your post regarding a possible Lotus Vs Lotus spat!
    I look forward to reading your blog!

  13. Chaos

    Hey Adam,

    great work this Season keep it up :=)! Thanks for that!

    And a happy New Year 2011!


  14. Rick Gethin


    Great work with the blog.

    I wanted to get your thoughts on the return of F1 to the United States next season in Austin. I grew-up about 20 miles from the track at Watkins Glen and attended every US Grand Prix there from 1970-1980. We always watched the race from “The Boot” or from the infield at Turn 10. The newer tracks don’t seem to have the “character” that the older tracks do. Does it seem the same to you?

  15. Brenda

    Dear Mr. Cooper,

    I am setting up a website for formula one fans called racingnerds.com and wonder if you could furnish a picture of yourself so that I can put it on the site and link your photo to your blog. I love your work and feel it would be great for other racingnerds to read your articles.

    And If you’re wondering, we are not a for-profit site. It is purely for racing fans! Thanks very much in advance

  16. CTP

    hey adam, any chance you could increase the twitter posts on the home page to around 8 or 10? i like reading them, but do not want to sign up with any of the evil social media companies. thanks.

  17. Jeevan B Manoj

    I’m a big fan yours sir. Your tweets make perfect sense. I have been following F1 since 2003 and haven’t missed watching more than 4-5 races since then on TV. Dreaming about going to a race weekend one day. I can’t help but feel a bit worried about the second seat at Ferrari for next season. Ferrari have always tried to concentrate on their main driver and the other one plays second fiddle almost all the time. Not that Massa can match Alonso in any aspect of racing. I think Massa is the perfect scapegoat for that philosophy of Ferrari’s.

    Also, what do you think are the chances of McLaren luring in Kimi Raikkonein back to where he belonged? Can they afford to pay off Lotus? I feel that Schumacher’s announcement in Oct is pretty irrelevant. Hamilton is the melancholic Ronaldo of F1 these days and his only other option is Mercedes. But poor old Rosberg. Will find it difficult to match Hamilton’s raw speed in coming seasons

  18. CTP

    adam, can you give us an update on where, in addition to here, your writings will appear in 2013? i think i recall hearing you’re no longer with autosport. i read your stuff in autoweek. thanks.

  19. Andy Bird

    Adam, what are you using in 2013 to keep track of what’s happening whilst you are out on circuit? As an owner of a FanVision unit (doh!), I want to know what substitute(s) I can use at my first GP of the year in Spain. The only thing I know of is the official F1 Timing app, but I’m guessing that it won’t work very well over 3G anyway.

  20. Paul

    Thanks Adam.
    That was a great read. Just found this site. Enjoy reading your articles in motorsport mags, but this just seems a bit more personal and real. Weird I know.

    Keep up the great blog.


  21. melanie

    Hi Adam i don’t usually post (although have followed f1 since little) but i just wanted to congratulate you on your brilliant observations in australia over the last few days…and from what i can see being the ‘go to’ person for some news outlets as well throughout the vdg-sauber debacle…well done please keep up your wonderfully informative and concise observations, love how you are not speculating according to any allegiances!

  22. Peter Kakkoufas

    Great Site / Blog thank you for sharing your knowledge. Well Done

  23. John Skidmore

    Can you please explain the difference between Ricciardo’s unsafe release and penalty in Malaysia last year and Kimi’s pit stop in Melbourne. One was penalized and one was not. I’m not asking because I’m suspicious. As a newer fan from the US, I just don’t understand the differences between the two situations.

  24. paul mills

    hi i love f1 and the reporting you do but f1 is slowly dying .watching races where we need to conserve fuel and tyres is a joke we want to see the best cars and drivers going for it .now we are also losing the traditional circuits in favour of new ones that no one goes to,its a joke

  25. Brian


    I just got through reading your wonderful behind-the-scenes telling of the story of yesterday’s Chinese GP on motorsport.com. An excellent piece that really filled out the story of a fascinating race.

    So I want to thank you for continuing to do a top-notch job for us fans. It *is* appreciated!

  26. Bob Smith

    Adam – have recently picked up, and avidly read, your book on Piers Courage. Must say I have many motoring titles in my library, but yours is possibly the best read of all of them. Wonderful, in-depth story of his life, accompanied by some terrific photographs donated by those close to him. I saw him race once in Auckland, and just thought he was an upper-crust journeyman enjoying the world – your book proves otherwise. Thank you for writing it to give enjoyment to so many people.
    Cheers, Bob.

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