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Felipe Massa: “You can never be satisfied to finish eighth…”

Felipe Massa endured a disappointing race in Hungary after damaging his front wing on Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes on the first lap.

The Ferrari driver eventually finished eighth, and was clearly very frustrated by his afternoon.

“It was a difficult race for us, and for me especially,” said Massa. “I lost a part of my front wing in the first lap, and I’m sure that was a big problem for my car. I lost the balance, more understeer, more oversteer, using the tyres a bit more than I was supposed to because of that. I’m sure that was a big problem for me.

“To change the front wing would take a lot of time, and for sure my race would have been worse.

“You can never be satisfied to finish eighth. It was a difficult race anyway for us, we didn’t have the pace we expected to have. For sure, not satisfying.”

Regarding the team’s current form he said: “We need to work to bring more new pieces to the next race. We have a little bit of time. It’s important to understand things and to bring everything which can work to our car, and have a second part of the season much better than the first.”

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Ferrari on schedule with 2014 turbo project

Ferrari engine and electronics boss Luca Marmorini says that the Italian team is on schedule with development of its 2014 powertrain – although he admits that it’s going to be tight.

“We already had a prototype running on the test bench towards the end of last year, while we are completing the one that will run in the actual car at the moment,” said Marmorini on the Ferrari website.

“We have a very challenging plan to be ready in March. We can’t afford any hiccough today and I am confident that we will be ready. We have been working for some time to have this car ready but it’s a challenging task. Only at the first race next year will we see if we have done a good job.”

Regarding the job ahead he said: “There is no one single aspect of the new project that is more critical than the next. I’d say it’s difficult in all 360 degrees. For example, the turbo is a new type which runs to 25,000rpm and is definitely something absolutely new. Also the very complex electronics and management systems are a very big step forward, which means that engine management will be a very difficult challenge.”

“We have to develop the power train in a short space of time and this means that reliability will be the factor that will decide the races in the early part of the season. In most cases people will locate their turbos in the central rear part of the engine and therefore near the electronics and the temperatures can reach a thousand degrees and that won’t be an easy matter to deal with. Managing temperatures will be one of the main areas we will have to work on.”

Intriguingly he said that Ferrari is concerned about races becoming economy runs, although Renault has told this writer that won’t happen: “Ferrari feels this could be a danger. We like Formula 1 to consider efficiency, but we don’t like Formula 1 to be a sport where you are cruising for 50% of the laps.”

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Felipe Massa: “I’m keeping my feet on the ground…”

Felipe Massa made good progress in Jerez today by topping the times after running on Pirelli’s soft tyres, although the Brazilian was not getting too excited about the Ferrari’s pace.

The team moved on from aero and exhaust work to focus on testing the 2013 spec rubber as the red car continued to run reliably. Pedro de la Rosa takes over tomorrow.

“These were three very important days,” said Massa. “They were especially useful in the sense of finding the right direction for the team to focus on when it come to the development work between now and the opening round in Australia.

“We had a lot of items to test and the car went well, it was not difficult to drive and it seemed to me to be quite stable and balanced. Today, we fitted the soft compound tyres for the first time, and I went faster than I had expected. “

Massa said there was little significance in being quickest so far this week: “It means nothing and while I’m pleased to have done a good time, that was not the priority – we must still concentrate on the car set-up and we will definitely be doing this during the next test in Barcelona. Several teams have very quick and well balanced cars, and so I am one hundred percent keeping my feet on the ground.”

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