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Schumacher undergoing rehabilitation, says manager

Michael Schumacher is no longer in a coma and is undergoing rehabilitation at an undisclosed location, his management has confirmed.

A statement from Sabine Kehm read as follows:

“Michael has left the CHU Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is not in a coma anymore.

“His family would like to explicitly thank all his treating doctors, nurses and therapists in Grenoble as well as the first aiders at the place of the accident, who did an excellent job in those first months.

“The family also wishes to thank all the people who have sent Michael all the many good wishes to Michael. We are sure it helped him.

“For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye.”

Kehm has also made it clear that there are no plans for any further bulletins on Michael’s situation and that no more information will be forthcoming.


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We’re confident that Michael will wake up, says Kehm

Michael Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm has issued another statement on behalf of his family in response to the latest media speculation.

Kehm says that those close to Michael are still confident that he will recover.

“We are and remain confident that Michael will pull through and will wake up,” said Kehm. “There sometimes are small, encouraging signs, but we also know that this is the time to be very patient.

“Michael has suffered severe injuries. It is very hard to comprehend for all of us that Michael, who had overcome a lot of situations in the past, has been hurt so terribly in such a banal situation.

“It was clear from the start that this will be a long and hard fight for Michael. We are taking this fight on together with the team of doctors, whom we fully trust. The length of the process is not the important part for us.

“It is heart-warming to see how much sympathy his family is shown and I can say that the family is extremely grateful for it. However, it should not be forgotten that Michael’s family is dealing with an extremely intimate and fragile situation. And I would like to remind all of us that Michael has always actively kept his family out of the public eye and consequently protected their private lives.

“We try to channel all the energies we have toward Michael and we firmly believe that this will help him. And we believe that he will also win this fight.”

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Bahrain names first corner after Schumacher

Bahrain International Circuit has renamed its first corner after Michael Schumacher as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

The circuit notes that he “was directly involved in the early stages of the BIC’s development, offering his own input into the design of the track, including the layout of turn one.”

Circuit chairman Zayed Al Zayani said: “With the support of his family, it is a great privilege to be able to honour arguably the greatest racing driver in the history of F1 and someone who the people of Bahrain hold close to their hearts. From his first appearance at the BIC in 2004, he immediately became an inspiration for all those who love motorsport in the Kingdom and it is therefore natural for us to recognise him in this way. The team at the BIC continues to offer Michael and his family its best wishes.”

Sabine Kehm, speaking on behalf of the Schumacher family, said: “Michael’s family would like to thank the Bahrain International Circuit for this gesture, acknowledging Michael’s achievements in Formula One and interest in the BIC circuit design. We take it as a recognition for his passion for motorsport. I am convinced Michael will love the idea and feel very honoured about having a BIC corner named after him.”


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Schumacher on Vettel: “I’m glad I’m not his team mate!”

Lest we forget Michael Schumacher remains an ambassador for Mercedes, and this week he filmed a short interview for the company in which he shared his thoughts on the team’s form in 2013, his life in retirement, and Sebastian Vettel.

The former champ said he was pleased to see the team make progress this season.

I mean it is a great result,” said Schumacher. “Particularly if you consider where we’re coming from last year. I mean we’ve been absolutely nowhere by the end of the year. And nobody could have expected to be fighting, even at part of the season, for the championship. So they did it, they had a great start of the year and they even were able to a sort of push through the year quite hard. Until a point that they understood, ‘Ah OK, here we are at the end of the championship for us, so it is better to focus on to 2014.’ As so we did in the past, the infrastructure now is in place.

Since quite a while Ross Brawn decided to have the right amount of people in the right position and everything now is there to have the base to fight the championship in the future. And that’s what I think can happen. Anyway, congratulations for the second position.”

Schumacher praised Sebastian Vettel – and insisted he won’t mind losing some of his records to his countryman.

Great job, very consistent, look at his team mate, that’s your reference point that you take. I mean he won all those races, 13 this year I think. Mark Webber, he won none in the end, if I’m right. That is pretty shocking. I’m glad I’m not his team mate! But definitely he is the worthy truly champion. I’m really happy for him. If somebody can break all this records I prefer it to be him, than somebody else.”

He insisted that he has no regrets about stopping when he did.

Formula One is certainly the highlight of motor sport and it’s great to drive the car absolutely, yes. I enjoyed when I have been in Nurburgring to drive the car, to have a bit of fun, but to do it seriously, no. I’m tired of this one and that is why I decided so, because Mercedes gave me the option to continue for the future, and I didn’t really fancy it. I have arrived in my new life and that’s very nice. Even if you go back after the first time I retired I didn’t really miss it because I have so many other pleasureful things to do, so it is a good life.

I’m looking after young drivers in the go-kart area. I’ve always been close to the go-kart scene. I have a friend, he builds go-karts and I do actually test drives and development for him. Yeah, karting is a fascinating world that I still love to be involved in and I always see young kids and they come along and so I give them my point of view and they appreciate that.”

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