Vettel hopes there are “no bits falling off” his Red Bull in Monaco…

Sebastian Vettel insists that he has no regrets about some of the frustrating problems he’s had this year, and which have left him with just one win out of five starts despite the Red Bull’s pace. But he joked that he hopes they are “no bits falling off” in Monaco this weekend.

In Spain last week he lost third place to a brake problem, but managed to regain it and salvage priceless points when Lewis Hamilton crashed.

“Would, could, should is not happening,” said the German on Wednesday. “We can’t change the races we had. But surely another race like last week, it was the key to get maximum points out of it. Third place or a podium is not a disaster, it could have been much worse if you look back. I think it’s good, unlike last year when we had a worse start to the season, we’re not massively behind.

“Ten points sounds maybe a lot, but obviously we have a new points system as well, so it’s not that much. Surely it shows if you look at the evolution of the championship and the points how important it is to finish races. Jenson has won two races and the other races he has been fifth and sixth or something like that. It shows how important it is to finish every single GP.”

Vettel says he sees no reason why Red Bull shouldn’t be right on the pace this weekend.

“It’s a different type of track, and usually you set up your car quite a bit different to other circuits, or to a normal circuit. But still I think we should have a very strong car here. It’s difficult to say how strong, and especially we need to wait and see how strong the others will be. Traditionally on circuits like this, like Monaco and Singapore, teams like Williams have always been very strong, McLaren has always been very strong.

“This year we need to wait and see. The cars have changed quite a bit, some cars now have a much longer wheelbase. I heard Mercedes is going back to the old car, maybe for that. I think it’s quite interesting to see what’s going to happen.

“But I’m confident for us. I think Saturday in Barcelona it looked very comfortable, but on Sunday again it was much closer. Yes we probably had the quickest car, but it wasn’t the offset we probably saw in qualifying. That’s only due to our adjustable ride height!

“I think we have a strong car, so we hope to have no trouble, so no bits falling off. And then to have a clean race. Obviously in Monaco the qualifying or the Saturday is very important, because it determines your race very much.”

Vettel added that while the race is special, it’s only worth the same 25 points as every other event.

“It’s a special venue, and it’s something you want to win. It would be very special, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world. In the end we’re here to fight every single race, and in the end win the championship. So we try our best as every weekend, and see how we get on.

“But surely this race has so much history and so much tradition and is always something unique. For us, especially when it comes down to the circuit, it’s not something you have every day. You have to keep your focus on all the time, it’s a very difficult circuit for that.”


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2 responses to “Vettel hopes there are “no bits falling off” his Red Bull in Monaco…

  1. jim

    “That’s only due to our adjustable ride height!” 😆

  2. Tim

    I love it! A little jab at the rest of the competition. Not sure this type of comment is typical for Vettel, but I hope he keeps it up. F1 needs more drivers with a personality.

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