US F1 is history as auction kicks off

This chassis mock-up is the only evidence of progress at US F1

The US F1 dream finally ends today when the contents of the factory go up for auction in Charlotte at 0930 local time.

The list of lots reveals just how much equipment the team had bought, and which represents a considerable investment. Items include everything from office chairs and wastebins to a truck along with some state-of-the-art machinery.

However there is virtually nothing that relates directly to the car apart from a chassis mock-up, a chassis mould, and a single wheel.

The most unusual items are paintings of Dan Gurney and Mario Andretti, a barbecue, and an apparently unused bottle of champagne…


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15 responses to “US F1 is history as auction kicks off

  1. thewizardweb

    Surely the Champagne is going to be the star lot ! It’s a completely ironic summation of USF1: nothing to celebrate, needless excess. If you could get it signed then I reckon that’d go for a surprising amount.

    I’m disappointed there’s no toaster though…

  2. No toasters… instead resorting to a barbecue to cook their bread?

    Clearly this is where it all went wrong.

  3. kevin

    Anderson must have nabbed all the toasters before they left !! he had them on Ebay…

  4. Nathan

    Pretty hilarious.

  5. Richard - USA

    So Peter managed to take his Jim Clark picture off the wall.

  6. melonfarmer

    An astonishing number of table and chairs… guess they expected a larger design squad than Stefan GP (3 blokes in an empty office).

    Gurney print looks ok, Mario one is hideous…

  7. A sad end to a misguided adventure. I’ll stick a fiver on the barbecue….

  8. Just put my bid in for the chassis – $30. haha.

    Those are some ugly couches! I guess Windsor ran off with the Jim Clark photo that was in all those Speed TV bits. I wonder what he’s up to now? He was part of the commentary team at the track for the Australian Grand Prix.

  9. jim

    I didn’t see the kit cutter or any autoclaves listed. No moulds either.

  10. wow! that closed bottle of champagne is a pretty strong and sad metaphor of it all.
    I can only imagine the confidence, hope and momentum of the entire team when they bought it.

  11. Nick F

    I haven’t followed the USF1 story since they went up in smoke. Surely by now we must know everything that happened. all the staff have left and it must be easy for journalists to contact them and get all the dirt. So does anyone know of any long article that explains the whole story and if so can you post a link?

    I particularly want to know where they were with the car and if the design was going to be any good. Now we have had multiple races this season the designers of the car must be able to look at the cars this year and their designs and have an idea where they would have stood in the pecking order.

    • Leigh O'Gorman

      There were stories written by Autosport and F1Racing a couple of months back with interviews from those involved. Not sure if/where you can pick them up now though

  12. Tim

    Sad . . . so very, very sad!

  13. jim

    Well, I’m laid off and had nothing better to do today, so here’s the poop.
    Final tally for all 430 lots was $1,405,749.00 give or take a couple bucks. Hopefully, that’ll be enought to pay off all their debts.

    Items of interest:
    The unfinished car went for $7750. Wonder how many millions were spent to produce a car, only to have it sell for $7750??? Maybe Stephan GP picked up their 2011 entry today? 😉
    The inspection plate it sat on went for $6000.
    Most expensive piece was the CR Onsrud 5 axis router for $200,000
    The paintings of Mario and Dan went for $1625 each.
    And finally, the bottle of Gosset Champagne went for $350.

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