Bernie Ecclestone: No doubts over Russian GP after MH17 tragedy

Bernie Ecclestone says he has no concerns about the Russian GP in the light of the MH17 tragedy.

While Ecclestone and the FIA have always insisted that motor sport is not affected by politics, it seems inevitable that in the coming weeks the international spotlight will fall upon the Sochi race, and indeed any other high profile events scheduled to take place in Russia.

The Grand Prix is a potentially a particularly sensitive case, as it is closely associated with Vladmir Putin. It’s easy to speculate that some F1 sponsors – such as Malaysia’s Petronas – might have concerns about being seen to support the race, but Ecclestone does not anticipate any issues.

“I don’t see any problems with that,” he said when asked by this writer. “Were they [Russia] in the World Cup or not? You would have thought people would have tried to stop it, wouldn’t you? Like I’ve said, we don’t get involved in politics. We have a contract with them, which we know they will respect. And we will do the same.”

Asked if Putin’s close involvement with Sochi would draw attention he said: “Not as far as I’m concerned, personally. We shouldn’t speculate as to what could happen. We will honour our contract. Mr Putin personally has been very supportive and very helpful, and we will do the same.”


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9 responses to “Bernie Ecclestone: No doubts over Russian GP after MH17 tragedy

  1. Stone the Crows

    The only thing that causes doubts with Bernie is if someone’s check doesn’t clear.

  2. danielsussex

    “Mr Putin personally has been very supportive and very helpful..[]”

    Oh, well thats ok then.

  3. Stanley Kirk

    Didn’t the MH17 crime happen after the World Cup so how was the Russian Team in Brazil in any way relevant??

  4. radohc

    why should he have any concerns, he still get’s his money, so there’s where all the concerns go

  5. petes

    I’m sure the major sponsor of the Mercedes team is feeling all is well with the world and they’re happy to turn up. Absolutely.

    • GeorgeK

      How about the former Malaysian connections and staff at Caterham?

      I really don’t mind the fact that the Russian GP will go forward, but the timing of BE’s comments and tasteless form are astounding.

  6. Ragged Reactionary

    The brilliantly sharp comments above say it all. But just a little further
    spice…apparently 83% of Russia’s voters think their president is a
    fine, upstanding, decent man…just like BCE does ! What a wonderful
    F1 world he has created for us……!

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