Dennis visits Indy NASCAR, slams US F1

Ron Dennis is paying his first ever visit to a NASCAR race this weekend at the Brickyard 400, where his old pal Juan Pablo Montoya starts from pole on Sunday.

Dennis had a dinner with Jeff Gordon and told my colleagues at AutoWeek that the former champ was “Massively impressive. If other drivers here have his approach then you have an amazing group of drivers. I didn’t expect someone to be so grounded and so knowledgeable about what it takes to be successful.”

He also took a blast at US F1: “They were given opportunity after opportunity, and they didn’t tell the truth. They never had the depth, they never had the understanding, they never had the resources.”

More intriguingly when asked about the US GP he indicated that Austin might not get there first, saying there were “Two or three separate projects. That’s not for me to share.”

McLaren Electronics already does business in NASCAR, and the main reason for Ron’s trip was to increase that.


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4 responses to “Dennis visits Indy NASCAR, slams US F1

  1. Spaz Genev

    Now I understand why JPM is on pole position. Ron took his donuts away and has put him on a diet. Again. You win – you have a cookie, you don’t win – you have to spend time and talk with Kimi. And you have to seem interested! 😀

  2. Trick Dickle

    He didn’t expect someone to be so grounded and knowledgeable about what it takes to be successful at the pinnacle of motorsports, in this the worlds most powerful and successful country? Nope… Everyone over on this side of the pond are stupid bumpkin simpletons that just ‘don’t get it’. I’m sorry, but this is absurd commentary by RD. He obviously needs to get a clue, and check into his erroneous elitism.

    • David Timothy

      Trick Dickle is completely missing the point that RD made those remarks specifically about USF1 – how can TD suggest that RD was talking about ‘everyone’ in the US – a pathetic attempt to knock RDs efforts to make business progress in the USA

  3. Well we broke dirt in Austin today. Seems old Ronnie boy was wrong.
    Developing race tracks must not be his thing.
    He’ll still be welcome in Texas.
    Happy New Year. See you in 2012.

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