Ferrari fined $100,000 and face WMSC enquiry

After speaking to Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa the FIA race stewards in Hockenheim have found Ferrari guilty of breaching Article 151C, which refers to bringing the sport into disrepute, in addition to breaking Article 39.1, the team orders rule. It says, ‘Team orders which interfere with a race are prohbited.’

The result stands as of today, but the matter will be referred to the World Motor Sport Council and the team has been fined $100,000.

It’s a fascinating scenario because Jean Todt will inevitably be at the heart of whatever happens next. on the one hand he is well versed in the intricacies of team orders, and on the other, he is of course like a second father to Massa. As FIA President he takes a step back from the actual process but he will clearly be a major player in the coming days.


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18 responses to “Ferrari fined $100,000 and face WMSC enquiry

  1. Marnix Breukers

    What a sad state of affairs. From the stewards I mean. Not from Ferrari. Amazing how clueless some people are and that they are the people that have the power to decide.

  2. Phil

    Ironically, do you think that since Todt is an ex-Ferrari man, that might put pressure on the FIA to penalize Ferrari, so as to be seen to not favor them?

    • CTP

      Well, the other aspect is that Todt Jr. manages Felipe Massa, so the FIA wouldn’t want to be seen to be favoring Jr./Massa too much…

  3. Rantsonf1

    They shud be banned for the next few races !!!

  4. Jonathan

    I am totally disgusted. These rules were put into place BECAUSE of Ferrari’s petulance. Now they have broken them again, this time using code words. Thank heaven for Rob Smedley’s conscience. The way he presented his radio instructions to Massa was perfect. I fully expect him to be taken off of the pitwall in the near future….

    Ban Ferrari for at least a race, take away their results too.
    Lets remember also that it takes two to tango. Massa is just as guilty in this episode. He could have just raced his team mate.

  5. Albert

    A flagrant violation of the rules. Philipe should be declared the winner and Alanso should be dropped a suitable number of finishing positions.

    Team manager should also suffer for making the call.

    In what other sport in the world can a team member be told to “throw” the game…to drop the ball or miss a kick.

    • RaulZ

      In Football, coacher decides who hits a penalty kick and decides who plays and who don’t. In Cyclism nine players work just for one player, who gets all awards. Even in Formula 1, McLaren can say kovalainen that Hamilton is faster, let him pass and later win the championship for just 1 point, and it’s normal.

      Don’t be so hipocrite.

      The fact is that british/Formula1 style penalizes the forms but not the ethics. I prefer Latin style, it’s more honest.

  6. Albert

    I’m with you, Johnathan on everything except saying Massa shares the blame. Everyone knows that the “Boss” will get even with a non cooperative employee.

  7. Marnix Breukers

    utter nonsense. Ferrari did nothing wrong other than to give Massa information about Alonso’s speed. Explain to me how that is ever going to be a teamorder in the wording of article 39.1 of the sporting regulations.

    Besides, how is Alonso the bad guy in this? Because he benefited? What should he have done when Massa slowed down? Run in to him? Of course he was going to overtake. Not much time to decide with Vettel hunting you down. If everything, Massa should be penalized for executing the order (which by no means was a teamorder in the sense of 39.1).

    Lets say an unfortunate ruling by the stewards.

  8. poul

    Ha Alonso in 2006 accused Schumacher for being the most punished champion. Who is now closing in on that record. He got a good grilling in the press conf. I hope he enjoyed it as much as winning.

  9. tom baker

    I had come to the belief that two lean years at Renault had taught Alonso a little humility. That he had grown up a little.

    Then came today. Crying about being stuck behind Massa.

    Alonso, if you’re such a great driver, pass him on your own! You are the one that is ridiculous.

    I’ve been a Ferrari fan for many many years. This day was a complete dishonor. Massa was robbed.

  10. Alberto Dietz

    Tom Baker, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  11. paxdog57

    Jean Todt will be walking a very fine line. Stephano stayed there was no team orders when questioned after the race. This could be ruled as lying after the fact (McLaren has been judged harshly for this behaviour). Ferrari had Massa pull over so he could gain 7 more points by finishing first. The team should be stripped of its points and give this article 39.1 “teeth”.

  12. guytano

    This stinks all the way. It would be great irony to see a scenerio where at the end of the season Massa misses the drivers title by 6 points to a driver not named Alonso.

  13. Drew Prosch-Jensen

    Marnix: Will you be representing Ferrari at the hearing?

  14. Francois Barnard

    What a sad day for F1! What a hollow win for Fernando – who I have been calling the “Spanish Fly” in my F1 articles.

    I hope the WMSC takes their results away and ban them for one race. The US$100,000 is no punishment for a company like Ferrari. Also, why punish Ferrari? Rather punish Smedley and the two drivers.

    No F1 team will ever commit this fraud again!

    • RaulZ

      Francois, I don’t know where you write F1 articles, but I’ll never read them. Can you confirm me what did you write when Hamilton passed Kovalainen in 2008 after knowing Ham was faster than him? Can you confirm what did you write when Barrichelo was stopped at boxes to give Button the victory in 2009? And what did you say when this last race in Germany button was informed that he had to save fuel?

      I would like to read you articles then.

      • Francois Barnard

        Hi RaulZ
        My articles are written in my native language, Afrikaans, which are published amongst a closed Afrikaans group in South Africa.
        Ferrari and Schumi are extremely popular here, and I have said it before, I do respect talent.
        However, I cannot support the breaking of rules such as Ferrari et al have done.
        When Renault and McLaren were punished, it was not for a mere US$100,000. The actual perpetrators lost jobs and money, as well as the company.
        I say: Punish Smedley, Alonso and Massa for breaking rules, not just Ferrari. No F1 driver or engineer will ever do it again if those are the consequences.
        Unfortunately professional sports become increasingly more fraudulent nowadays. Really a sad day.

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