Wandering Creek site for Austin F1 race

This map shows where the site is relative to the city centre and airport

The Austin GP track is to be built on land originally earmarked for a residential development called Wandering Creek.

It is a 900 acre site near Elroy, to the east of Highway 131. The Statesman newspaper received confirmation from Bobby Epstein, an investor in Wandering Creek.

“I’m elated and hope this all comes to fruition,” said Epstein. “I’m highly optimistic that all the moving parts will come together” in time for the inaugural Austin race in 2012.

“I’m really excited about it, more as a Texan and an Austinite than a racing fan. It would really make a statement for Austin. I think it’s really going to be a big event for us.”

The paper quotes a local residents’ association respresentative, Cathy Olive, as saying: “We all feel like it would be the lesser of two evils. Are we excited about it? No. But it’s better than 2,000 teeny-tiny tract houses.”

More news later…


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13 responses to “Wandering Creek site for Austin F1 race

  1. The quote from Cathy Olive makes me think lawsuits will be a possibility in the future!

  2. Radoye

    Funny thing – i was looking at the Google Earth map of Austin TX when the news on the new US GP location first broke – and i guessed the same general area as the location for the new track. 🙂

    • BiffMan

      Very funny, did the same myself and also guessed that same plot of land with the pond in the middle.

      I drove around the perimeter of the site today to get a feel for the elevation change and while it’s not going to have a Laguna corkscrew or anything, it does have a pretty good slope rising from west to east with a decent ridge on the eastern most side of the property and a good amount of slightly undulating terrain in the middle. It’s a good sized plot of land and only about 1 minute from the nearby toll road, so access should be pretty good.

      I took a few pics that don’t really do it justice since I elected not to hop any fences to trod around inside the property, but if anyone’s interested:

      Austin F1 - End of access road looking WNW
  3. Francois Barnard

    The Austinites should be happy. We in South Africa have pushed, pulled, kissed ass and what not to get Kyalami back on the F1 circuit, but to no avail.

    It does now give me an excuse to visit my Texan friends!

    • Steezy

      Just had a look at the post-90’s Kyalami circuit, if it’s any consolation the Jaypee Group Circuit at the Indian GP in 2011 looks eerily similar.

  4. Prisoner Monkeys

    Is “Wandering Creek Raceway” the official name of the circuit or something?

    Because I kind of like it. It’s got character, unlike, say “Shanghai International Circuit”.

  5. Steve Selasky

    Great location….

    Terrible circuit…………. Just go back to the Glen…..
    and build a pit structure………

    • Stag Corner

      Terrible circuit?

      I would have thought it hard to pass comment on a layout/circuit design which has yet to be made public Steve.

      Or have you seen some details which you’d like to fill us in on…?

      • Prisoner Monkeys

        I think he may have mistake the outline of the plot of land for the circuit layout.

  6. jim cryan

    The quote from Cathy Olive makes me go hummm
    here comes the not in my back yard

  7. Janie Miller

    Bring it on. It can sit next to the 2 landfills, 3 recycling facilities, airport, county correctional facility (jail) and numerous gravel pits and maybe a 150 units for the homeless. That is our backyard.

    • As a 5th generation Texan and a long-time Formula 1 fan, I find the negative comments from others in the proposed area quite embarrassing. This venue brings jobs, opportunity, increased land value, etc… to the area. Of course there is some downside to it as well, but how ungrateful does one have to be to spew such dismal comments? It goes to show that the Austin area truly is a “little-bit of California”

      • Keith Hunter

        Tell ’em Darron! My first kin came to Texas in 1835. I’ve lived coast to coast in this country and there’s no place like Texas!

        This will be great compared to what the F1 track at Fair Park in Dallas was like. I just hope the race isn’t during the summer…

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