Cypher gives up F1 entry quest – but when will the FIA make a decision?

The Cypher Group has dropped its bid for the 13th entry in the 2011 World Championship, but we are still awaiting news from the FIA as to who might actually get the slot. With the calendar ticking into August tomorrow whoever does win it will face a huge challenge to be ready in time.

The FIA seems to have failed to learn from what happened last year, and the lack of a a decision from is quite extraordinary given that the three candidates were announced on June 12 – and even then one failed to get its act together and another only just made it. And while Lotus didn’t get its entry until September, Tony Fernandes and Mike Gascoyne were given a positive response from Max Mosley as early at the British GP, and began work.

Little hard information had come from  Cypher other than confirmation of a link with Jonathan Summerton. A statement from the North Carolina-based outfit said: “We remain completely committed to developing a credible and viable Formula One team and were able to raise a considerable amount of sponsorship and interest in recent months.

“However after much deliberation, we have decided that the budget we have is not sufficient to allow us to pursue the project in a manner befitting the series. It was not an easy decision, but one made out of respect for the FIA Formula One World Championship and our loyal supporters.

 “The Cypher Group is reviewing projects and opportunities that will allow it to achieve the ultimate goal of entering Formula One in the near future. We would like to thank our fans for all their support and understanding.”

With ART already gone the news appears to leave Villeneuve/Durango, Epsilon Euskadi and Stefan GP as the only remaining candidates.


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7 responses to “Cypher gives up F1 entry quest – but when will the FIA make a decision?

  1. Opti

    And to think they could have had Prodrive or Lola.

    I assume the FIA is delaying so much as they don’t want any of the candidates.

  2. Leigh O'Gorman

    Stefan GP aren’t really a serious option though, are they? If they are, then I suppose I’ll just go and buy my clown suit now…

  3. AlF1

    What team do you think is going to be announced as 13th team?

  4. What about Epsilon Euskadi? They were just as credible an applicant as Prodrive or Lola in 2010 and have re-applied for 2011?

    I am starting to worry now to as it seems a 13th team is not wanted due to the experience with USF1 and Campos Meta.

    However it was FOTA which made the circumstances difficult for the new teams by blocking the budget cap idea at every opportunity.

    The fact is Ferrari and to a smaller extent Mclaren have a long term goal of three car teams and want to stop new teams entering so they can ‘monopolise’ F1.

    The FIA should be wary of this and Epsilon Euskadi will be able to show what a new team in F1 can really do, assuming they have the budget in place.

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