Jenson Button: “There are a few people I’d rather be in front of…”

Title contender Jenson Button will start the Singapore GP from fourth place on the grid, right behind McLaren team mate Lewis Hamilton. Button said he didn’t get qualifying quite right, especially on the first part of his crucial lap.

“Qualy 3 I found very tough,” he explained. “My first run in qualy 3 I pushed very hard out of the box, because I was the first car out, and I wanted to make sure that we get two runs in for both cars.

“In the first sector I pushed quite hard and damaged the rear tyres quite a bit. I struggled then and the second lap I thought I’d take it easier on the out lap, and on the first sector a tiny bit easier.

“But I didn’t have any tyre temperature when I got the first sector, so I struggled with that. The second and third sectors were very good, and I set the quickest time in the middle sector. Not too bad, fourth, and a lot closer to the Red Bulls. Ferrari looks quick as well. Reasonably happy, much better than my qualifying here last year.”

Button hopes he can repeat Monza, where he made up a crucial at the start, but says it won’t be easy with team mate Lewis Hamilton up ahead.

“The start is the key. To get a good start is very important. My biggest issue is that I’ve got the same car as mine just in front, and he’ll get just as good a start as me. I won’t be able to overtake him off the start, but you never know into Turn One.

“But Vettel has been making a lot of poor starts lately. I’m not saying that it’s his fault, but the pace of the Red Bulls off the line hasn’t been good. That’s a positive for us, and we’ll see what happens.

“I’m reasonably happy with today, and I think we can have a good race tomorrow. Our pace was good yesterday.”

Button said it was good to have the title contenders at the front: “There are a few people I’d rather be in front of right now! You see that none of us have really made any big mistakes or anything in qualifying and it’s all going smoothly at the moment, and we’ll just see what happens tomorrow in the race.”

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