Fernando Alonso: “I will probably take it a little bit easy…”

Fernando Alonso insists that he’s not disappointed to be only fifth on the grid in Brazil, and says that other than the intervention of Nico Hulkenberg, it’s pretty much business as usual at the front.

And while downplaying his title aspirations he admits that he will be careful on the first lap, given that there could be some action in front of him.

“In a qualifying like this with wet/dry etc you don’t make any expectations or any predictions,” said the Spaniard. “I think you do your best. Obviously it was a difficult time for us in Q2. I think I was eighth, Felipe was 10th, so we were struggling a bit with the intermediate tyres. Then with the dry tyres obviously it was a tricky circuit to play. At the end fifth obviously is not pole position, but we saved one tricky qualifying.

“Obviously if you take Williams out of the picture, the result is the normal qualifying position in a way. The two Red Bulls, Hamilton, and me. It was like this 50% of the year. Fifth sounds strange because there is Hulkenberg in front of everybody, but in a way, it’s more or less as expected.

“Obviously it will be an interesting start. There are two Red Bulls, Hamilton, and me in the four positions. All of us have to finish in front of the other three guys, so it will be interesting to see how they are fighting. I will probably take it a little bit easy. Then the race is long.”

Despite his caution Alonso says he’s not thinking about the World Championship at this stage: “Not much, I think. I know that there are some strange results that can give you the championship, but for us the main priority is to increase the gap with the second guy. Now it’s 11 points to Mark. If we can finish tomorrow afternoon with more than those 11 points, it will be great. If we have to give some points, hopefully not too many.”


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5 responses to “Fernando Alonso: “I will probably take it a little bit easy…”

  1. Martin Brundle commented recently that Fernando Alonso should be some kind of guru when he stops doing F1 – he just seems able to take the positives out of any situation, especially recently.

  2. tom baker

    With Webber, Hamilton, and a rookie all starting ahead of Fernando, I would suggest that things might be looking good for the Spaniard. All he has to do is avoid the inevitable first lap incident and he’s home free.

  3. Interesting. I wonder if he will really take it easy. Hope not. I’m looking forward to an exciting Brazilian GP.

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