Patrick Head: “The boy’s obviously got a future!”

Patrick Head says he’s delighted with Nico Hulkenberg’s pole in Brazil, and believes that the German can have a strong race, despite having the ‘big guns’ ranged up behind him.

Hulkenberg was backed up today by Rubens Barrichello, who took sixth place in the other car.

“I think we were reasonably confident about getting two in the top 10 if it was going to be wet,” Head told this blog. “But it was a very special run from Nico. He did three timed laps on the dries, and my impression was that every sector was a ‘purple.’ I think there were nine purples. So, very impressive. The boy’s obviously got a future! He’s very good in tricky conditions.

“I think he can get away well. I don’t think we’re kidding ourselves that we’re fully competitive in the dry with Red Bulls or Ferraris. Inevitably it will be difficult for him. But then nobody’s going to complain about starting on pole. It’s a question of trying to run a sensible race without being improperly defensive, which I don’t think he will be.”

Frank Williams is not in Brazil, but he has spoken to Patrick by phone: “He said ‘not bad chap, we’ll see how you get on tomorrow!’”

The big question now is what happens next year, with the team seemingly facing an awkward ‘three-into-two’ scenario when Pastor Maldonado comes on the scene, and neither Hulkenberg nor Rubens seemingly guaranteed a seat.

“At the moment we’re just totally focussed on trying to get a good result here, so we’re not thinking about that…”


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9 responses to “Patrick Head: “The boy’s obviously got a future!”

  1. Diogo Pinho

    Do you think this pole guarantees nico’s future at williams?

  2. kaoru

    Obviously, it will be difficult for him to defend the position from Redbulls, Lewis and Fernando on dry condition as forecasts say.
    But if tomorrow would be another rainy day, another miracle could happen to him.

  3. Alex Brown

    I’ve said it before: Rubens is the one who should go at Williams.

    Hulk is the future, Rubens the past.

    Pastor Maldonado could also be a surprise.

    Maldonado obviously has matured, so now his raw speed os complemented with doing the right setups and not making his previous silly mistakes.

    He won 6 feature races in a row (a record) and the GP2 championship ! That has to count for something!

    Williams cannot got wrong with Maldonado and Hulkenberg for 2011.

  4. Diogo Pinho

    I really hope they have some surprise sponsors for next year, so they can maintain the current drivers

  5. tom baker

    Hulkenberg to Ferrari in 2011!

  6. tom baker

    How long has it been since a Cosworth powered car was on pole?

  7. It was crazy! Seriously I dont understand where he found that second (or more compared to his teammate)

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