Ecclestone robbed in London again

Bernie Ecclestone was mugged in London on Wednesday night and had to go to hospital after getting a bump on the head. However he was reportedly back at work the following day.

Bernie and his girlfriend Fabiana Flosi were returning to his apartment when they were attacked by four men. They were forced to hand over watches and jewellery that are said to be worth £200,000.

Bernie was involved in a similar attack four years ago, when thieves attempted to steal his Mercedes.

A police spokesman told the Daily Mail: “We were called to reports of a man and woman who had been robbed in south west London at approximately 10.30pm on Wednesday night. The man, aged 80 years old, was taken to a west London hospital for treatment to a minor head injury. The woman was not injured.

“At this early stage it is believed a quantity of jewellery was stolen but we cannot disclose details of what was stolen as yet. No arrests have been made at this time and inquiries are continuing.”

Ironically Ecclestone was sceptical about reports of the seriousness of the attempted attack on Jenson Button in Brazil two weeks ago. Given that he has now twice been attacked on home ground he probably finds Sao Paulo relaxing…


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11 responses to “Ecclestone robbed in London again

  1. kaoru

    He has showed London is as dangerous as Sao Paulo as he said and found himself a dummy!

  2. Simon Benedict

    80 year old Bernie pulls a 31 year old former model! He must be hung like a pit pony!

  3. Don Davis

    I wonder if the baddies will find the 200k of loot to be replicas/fake “ice”? That would be in keeping with his nature…..

  4. Ferncombe

    I would never wish ill on anyone least of all Bernie but was this a clandestine operation by FOTA for all the muggings Bernie has given them over the years on income?

  5. Stovall

    I bet they were just trying to sell him a hat! There is not an inch of my fiber that can tolerate that man. That being said, I’m glad nobody was seriously hurt.

  6. Pete

    I must be the only person who was sad to hear this, the guys 80 years old and love him or hate him he made f1 what it is.

  7. Simon Benedict

    @pete: Yes, he had a hand in making F1 a global sport…
    …but if hadn’t have done it someone else would have.
    Many sports became massive TV spectacles in the late 70s and early 80s, F1 just one of them.
    I’d argue Ecclestone has done many things wrong, like his unholy alliance with Max Mosley and selling F1 down the river to those CVC (or whatever they’re called) and having to send F1 to increasingly dodgy locations who are prepared to pay a premium with government cash.

  8. More comments on this post than any other one since I subscribed to your Blog Adam!

  9. Brian

    As my friend said in response to this story: “Those hat vendors just won’t take no for an answer any more…” I agree with not wishing anyone ill (well not most folks, anyway) but there is a high level of irony and poetic justice to this.

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