Bob Bell will leave team in November, says Mercedes

Mercedes has confirmed that technical director Bob Bell will leave the team in November, having tendered his resignation last December.

His departure will streamline an organisation that has looked a little top heavy on the technical side, especially now that the transition from 2013 to 2014 rules has been undertaken.

The role of technical director will not be filled.

Mercedes says that Bell has “the intention of pursuing new challenges outside the company,” and adds that Executive Director (Technical) Paddy Lowe will take over his responsibilities.


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4 responses to “Bob Bell will leave team in November, says Mercedes

  1. Eli

    Interesting. So what will be the next step? McLaren-Honda? Ferrari? He surely knows a lot about Mercedes ‘secrets’ 🙂

  2. CTP

    too many chiefs after all?

  3. James R

    Who would work in such an organisation with lots of senior guys searching for useful work and plaudits? A Tech Director’s nightmare!

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