De la Rosa heads back to McLaren

Pedro de la Rosa has rejoined McLaren as the team’s official test and reserve driver.

He displaces Gary Paffett to a test and development role that will see the Brit continue to be busy in the simulator.

Although a return for de la Rosa was rumoured some weeks ago in the Spanish media it seemed unlikely given than Paffett was well established in the third driver role, and that de la Rosa – who recently turned 40 – had an ongoing programme with Pirelli.

Presumably the Pirelli job is now set to fade away given that the FIA has confirmed that the teams can conduct tyre development testing on Grands Prix weekends, and thus there is less need for its own programme. At one stage Pirelli was even talking about running the Toyota test car on Grand Prix Fridays.

McLaren will also clearly be able to use Pedro’s extensive Pirelli knowledge in the coming weeks, and that may be one of the main reasons for getting him back on board. He also has more value for McLaren in marketing terms than Paffett, if only because the latter has not raced in F1.

De la Rosa said: “Of all the teams I’ve driven for in Formula 1, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is the one that really feels like home. So I’m very excited about returning to the team to help push the development of the MP4-26.

“Lewis and Jenson already have an extremely positive and productive working relationship – so, building on and adding to their existing rapport, I’m aiming to do everything I can to help them get even more from our car, our engineers and our technical resources back at the McLaren Technology Centre.”

Martin Whitmarsh added: “I know I speak for all my colleagues when I say that I’m delighted that Pedro has chosen to return to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. He rejoins us with even greater experience, and his motivation and attention to detail remain as sharp as ever.

“His recruitment adds considerable strength in depth to our driver line-up. With two world champion race drivers in Lewis and Jenson, and two of the world’s most experienced and capable development drivers in Pedro and Gary, we feel we have a quartet of talent that is absolutely second-to-none.

“Meanwhile, we wish Gary a very successful season in the DTM series with Mercedes-Benz – and are delighted that, away from the world’s racetracks, he’ll continue to give us the benefit of his considerable technical and developmental abilities.”


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7 responses to “De la Rosa heads back to McLaren

  1. John

    The past Pirelli work will be of NO significance; afterall we alreay know Pedro and Fernando can text/email.

    • **Paul**

      Which is fine if you happen to be on good terms with Pedro, if you don’t know the guy too well though perhaps it’s a real disadvantage. I actually think that if you take up a role like Pedro did then you shouldn’t be allowed to join a current F1 team for at least 6 months in order to ensure no team has an unfair advatange. Imagine the uproar if he’d gone to Ferrari…

  2. John

    @ Paul.
    You’d restrict his ability to make a living? really? you want to rethink that?

  3. **Paul**

    Correct me if I’m wrong John, but aren’t many of the teams senior members linked into contracts where they have to take a small break when switching teams to prevent new employers taking advantage of a new employees knowledge around current developments? The point is that taking up a position like this (testing for a tyre manufacturer) shouldn’t allow any team to benefit more than the others, and although there is no guarantee this will put McLaren at an advantage the possibility does exist. Even 3 months would probably be ample given the current rate of tyre development at Pirelli.

    • Stone the crows

      I think that whole concept went out the window when Renault hired Nick Hiedfeld. My guess is that’s why Mclaren have been able to retain Pedro again without anyone asking any questions. However, Mclaren do have a long history with Pedro he’s a known quantity and has helped them in the development of many cars in the past, so it could very well be they’ll welcome him back for that expertise as well.

  4. John

    I bet you are just infuriated with Renault and Heidfeld; he is afterall a RACE driver, not just a TEST driver that will only drive on VIRTUAL Pirelli’s.


  5. John

    @ Paul…again 😉

    A “gardening leave” clause can be written into any contract, but to MANDATE the clause be written into a contract is a whole new can of worms.

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