Hamilton joins Posh and Becks

Lewis Hamilton has signed a management deal with Simon Fuller. Fuller’s XIX Entertainment company manages a number of big music and sporting names, the latter group including David Beckham and tennis Andy Murray.

His previous F1 venture was as marketing guru to the Honda team – a period that is widely regarded as a failure. He was behind the Earthdreams scheme that saw Honda pumping millions into a car that didn’t carry its own branding or indeed that of any sponsors. Honda withdrew from F1 at the end of the second season.

The new deal will clearly open up new earning potential for Hamilton, although McLaren drivers are very restricted in terms of what they can do outside the team, and he’ll also have to sign away a large percentage.

Hamilton said: “It was important I took my time to make this decision as it had to be right for my career and my long-term future. I spoke to many interested companies in recent months but I felt Simon Fuller along with his team at XIX Entertainment not only wanted to help me become an even better racing driver, but they also shared my ambitions for the longer term. I look forward to working with them closely.”

Fuller said: “Lewis is not only one of the leading sportsmen of his generation, he will I believe become one of the best of all time. It’s an honour to be partnering with Lewis in what will be a very exciting stage of his career.”

Co-incidentally Fuller is a long time friend of McLaren boss Ron Dennis, and got the Spice Girls to perform at the launch of the new silver livery in 1997.


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5 responses to “Hamilton joins Posh and Becks

  1. Stone the crows

    O dear, the man who brought us Honda’s “I scream green” livery. To be fair it was probably Honda’s corporate oversight, two dismal seasons and an economic downturn that did Honda’s F-1 foray to an end. However Fuller did bring us the ugliest livery of all time. Can anyone who knows what Fuller does tell me how XIX will help of all people Lewis Hamilton become a ‘even’ better driver?

  2. Jake

    Maybe they will bring back those green shorts the Honda pit crew wore….Lewis would look great in those….

  3. Ben G

    Managed by an ‘Entertainment’ company? Says something…

  4. expect a joint deal when Nicole’s current deal runs out.

    IMO, Lewis has lost a ton of his following in 07/08 even after the championship. He still seems to be on the rebuild path from his antics these past two yrs.

  5. Tripod Ape

    I share the cynicism of the first three contributors. Lewis needs to get himself into the best car / team combination. All things considered that means knocking on Christian Horner’s door and getting Mark Webber’s soon to be vacant Red Bull drive. In an Adrian Newey designed car, multiple World championships should be a formality. That is his best route to greater fame and fortune, not signing up with some dubious celeb agency.

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