Vettel wants trophy ‘with that bloody kangaroo on it!’

Sebastian Vettel says that he wants to win the Australian GP because the trophy has a kangaroo on it. And he’s not joking!

While he said it with a smile on his face he insists that he’s motivated by simple things.

The World Champion also made it clear that he loves the friendly atmosphere in Australia.

“I like to come here, especially as a German,” he said. “In our country it takes a long time before someone calls you a friend or a mate. Here I find the whole country is calling me mate! It’s nice to come here. Usually the weather is nice, not like today, but usually it’s quite good.

“I really like the track, and if you finish on the podium they have a nice trophy on Sunday afternoon. It used to have and I hope it still has a kangaroo on the trophy. It’s something that you can get only here.

“I love racing, I love driving the car, but I love racing also for these little things. It might be funny in a way, but little things like picking up a trophy that is special or is different to all the trophies you get everywhere else!”

He’s got one target this weekend: “I don’t have to lie to you, the target is to win, easy as that. If you come here as champions of the last year, you want to keep on winning, that’s what it’s all about, and that’s why we have been working hard in the winter. I’m looking forward to a good weekend and hopefully picking up that trophy with that bloody kangaroo on it…”

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