Jaime Alguersuari: “Is my career over at 22-years-old?”

Alguersuari still has his Pirelli testing job

Alguersuari still has his Pirelli testing job

Jaime Alguersuari has expressed his frustration at not being able to find an F1 seat for 2013, despite apparently being close to a deal some months ago.

Alguersuari took the unusual step today of issuing a press statement to clarify his position, stating that he had a firm commitment from a team, but lost out for commercial reasons. He says that in the interim he turned down other opportunities.

The former Toro Rosso driver said: “I never imagined that after Red Bull’s incomprehensible decision not to count on me in 2012, having done my best sporting season in F1, I would have to fight so much outside the track to finally assume that in 2013 I will not be in F1.

“I assure everyone that I have been convinced most of the 2012 F1 season that my seat was secured in a team that usually scores. So they did tell me, and I believed it to be true.

“Due to this conviction I passed up other opportunities in other championships. I’ve looked in faith and longing that the value of my sporting career, and the verbal commitments received, would materialize with my return to F1 in 2013. This has not happened.

“Those who committed themselves with me have given me reasons that I must accept, but that I do not share.  F1 has become an auction.

“My sole dream is to drive for a team that allows me to finish in the Top 5. I will play all my cards the best I can and keep betting for talent, experience and background, no need so say much more.”

Alguersuari says he’s not giving up, and will continue to log F1 mileage with Pirelli.

“Is my career over in F1 at 22 years old? Despite everything, I strongly don’t think so. By waiting for F1 I lost other interesting options, but instead I must thank Paul Hembery from Pirelli Motorsport, for his unalterable confidence placed in me, by announcing that he counts on me for the development test.

“So I will continue active in Formula One, and completing more kilometres than any third driver in this discipline.

“Although Spain’s economy is in the worst shape in our modern history, and except for the Bank of Santander, no other company considers Formula One as a profitable and sustainable business, I know how old I am, I know my track record and I’m convinced that I deserve a winning car in F1. And I will keep fighting for it.”


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10 responses to “Jaime Alguersuari: “Is my career over at 22-years-old?”

  1. Simon Benedict

    Alguersuari should stop whining, his age is irrelevant.
    He had two and a half seasons in F1.
    He proved himself to be a complete journeyman, without enough raw speed to make a difference.
    So F1 has spat him out and no teams are interested in him.
    Tough luck pal, far better drivers than you have had less of a chance in F1 than you.
    He should concentrate on playing cheesy house music in Ibiza, it seems he’s moderately better than that.

  2. SuperSwede

    He may not be of World Champion material but IMO he´s not ane less of a talent than Chilton. It´s a shame when the teams are looking for pay-drivers without talent. It´s a SHAME that Kovalainen is without a seat in F1.

    • Simon Benedict

      Sure, but Alguersuari also benefited from generous family sponsorship all the way up the ladder, so he can hardly complain when others have more money than his very rich family can stump up with. Two and a half seasons are all his talent deserved. As Autosport wrote this week, average drivers can’t expect to have long careers these days.

      • SuperSwede

        I didn’t mean to say that he’s particularly good. I was more pointing to that there is a problem when the pinnacle of Motorsport is for paying drivers more than for talented ones. To me that devolves F1 as the no 1 discipline. I’m very much of the same opinion as the article in Autosport. Hence it will be interesting to see how many seasons the new arrivals in the sport will last. IMHO the only one of the new ones that fills the shoes is Bottas.

  3. Simon Benedict

    @SuperSwede: Agreed, I think Bottas will be excellent. Most of the others leave me cold. But equally, as AS pointed out, Senna/Kovalainen/Kobayashi/Petrov/Glock all had their shot at the top table, so I don’t think we should mourn them.
    I’m suprised no one tried to swoop in and prise da Costa from Red Bull he’s THE next superstar I reckon. Equally Frijns should be racing not reserving!

  4. Steve W

    Uh-Oh… Is Jaime Alguersuari the first driver in history to be disappointed about not getting or retaining a drive in F1?

  5. Melonfarmer

    Alguersauri left himself a bit exposed in the middle of last year by claiming it was signed, sealed and delivered. He then spent time in radio 5 commentary praising Force India, but I have a feeling Sauber are involved here too.

    I think he will be considered along side Mike Thackwell, in that he was parachuted into Toro Rosso unexpectedly, without testing, half a season out of British F3 (champion). However, Mika Hakkinen and many others graduated from BF3 or lower (Raikkonen) and made an immediate impression. Two and a half years is enough.

    Red Bull’s decision is only “incomprehensible” to Jaime; it seems quite sensible to everyone else.

    Who was the other F1 dj? Sakon Yamamoto. “Stick to the knitting” Jaime.

  6. floodo1

    not sure why kovaleinen is mourned so heavily. but I do agree that Alguesuari, while not a top talent is definitely good enough to be in F1 on raw talent. Surely in the top 20 drivers around. And he’s certainly right that the back field teams are looking more for money than for talent.

  7. Stone the crows

    The honest answer to Jaime’s question is ‘it could very well be,’ Formula One is a cuthroat business that chews people up and spits them out at a prodigious rate. There are no guarantees in life, much less in motorsports. Jaime had no problem and no sympathy for the man who lost his drive so that he might have a race seat; and he brought a fair amount of money to the table for that privelige, but now he complains when the same has happened to him. You reap what you sow Jaime, you reap what you sow, life isn’t over for you, grow up get over it and get on with it.

  8. Phil Beckett

    Alguersuari is easy good enough to be racing in F1 and Im suprised that he’s not found a drive. He was about to have his break out year in my opinion. F1 has dumped and lied to him enough, Id love him to get a top LMP drive in the FIAWEC.

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