Giedo van der Garde: “Sauber has to work with us now…”

Giedo van der Garde remains confident that he can race for Sauber this weekend, despite the team’s ongoing failure to comply with the court ruling.

After today’s appeal by Sauber saw the original judgement upheld the Dutchman insisted that he just wants to get back in the car.

“Sauber has to work with us now, there is no other issue,” he told this writer. “I’m happy that we won and that the court took this case very quickly. I’m very grateful for that. Hopefully we can get to work and get behind the wheel. I’m looking forward to it, it’s been a while.

“It’s been a little tough, but in the end I’ve always been focussed on this. I knew we had a strong case, and I’ve been training very hard for the last three months, so I’m fit and feel strong. The only thing is you had to be quiet, and this we did, we never said anything to anybody, and this is a nice reward.”

Whether or not van der Garde races this weekend there remains the question of what happens in Malaysia. The judge in this week’s case says that his ruling applies for the rest of the season, and when that was questioned by Sauber’s lawyer in today’s appeal the judges suggested that Van der Garde could refer to the Australian ruling in courts in other countries.

“The thing is that yesterday the judge says this applies for every race,” said Giedo. “Let’s see, Malaysia is still far away. Let’s focus on this weekend, and hopefully we can get to the paddock and start to do my seat. It would be nice.”


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6 responses to “Giedo van der Garde: “Sauber has to work with us now…”

  1. boozie

    First I’d like to thank you for your quick an detailed coverage of the proceedings!
    Having a bit of legal backround (albeit in a completely different legal system) I’d like to point out that the original ruling of the swiss court of arbitration will most likely be universally binding i.e. worldwide.
    The proceedings in Australia on the other hand were probably neccessary to enforce said ruling in accordance with international treaties about the recognition and enforcement of foreing rulings. So i would expect him to have to file such motions in every country that hosts an F1 race.

    • Interesting. What the court of appeal judges implied I guess was that he could use the Australian ruling elsewhere as extra ammunition, not necessarily that it would be binding. But the original judge was clear that this was for the season

  2. Park

    “The only thing is you had to be quiet, and this we did, we never said anything to anybody, and this is a nice reward”

    Evil! Sauber’s killer!

  3. I foresee an engine problem for Giedo about lap 10…

  4. Saubers Kaltenborn did this. Not Giedo! It was Kaltenborn who took the money from Van der Garde, Ericsson and Nasr.

    Without Giedo’s money Sauber would not survive in the winter of 2013/2014.

    Ericsson was welcome to do the same, surviving the winter while they used the money for some issues of 2014.

    And then came Nasr who will pay for season 2015!

    Please, do not blame Giedo! How can you pay millions and yet stay on the sideline without a drive?!

    Come on!

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