Ecclestone admits India could move to December

Bernie Ecclestone has admitted that it’s possible that the Indian GP could be moved from October 30 to December, freeing up the original date for a re-instated Bahrain GP.

December 4 has been suggested as the likely new date for the Delhi race.

“Everything’s possible. We could do, yeah,” Ecclestone told Reuters. “I’m not sure at the moment what I’m going to do. Everything’s up in the air. I haven’t decided about it. We’ll see if we have to go to Bahrain.”

Sources told this blog today that the Indian race could in fact end up on December 11.

The big problem is that having Brazil on Nov 27 and India a week later will be a huge logistical challenge. Traditionally F1 never goes to a new venue on such a schedule because of uncertainties about customs clearance and so on.

Intriguigingly the FIA already has a big splash planned for India in December, having moved its end-of-season activities from Monaco. At the moment a WMSC meeting is scheduled for Dec 6, the Awards Gala for Dec 7, and the General Assembly for Dec 8.


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3 responses to “Ecclestone admits India could move to December

  1. Laura

    And the Autosport Awards are December 4th! Always the first Sunday in December for the last 22 years! Booooo to Bahrain, Bernie and FIA. 😉

  2. jo6pac

    Bernie must have been informed by the king they should be done killing people by then. I wonder how the sponors and insurance companies feel about this? Just Cancel it and move on.

  3. Deepali

    The other problem is frequent occurence of fog in the NCR region, where the race its being held, which could pose a problem towards the end of the race. Plus it gets pretty chilly in that area in the winter

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