FIA checking legality of Ferrari rear wing

The FIA is looking into Ferrari’s use of  a higher than normal Gurney flap on its rear wing in practice today.

The FIA denies that other teams have complained but have confirmed that Ferrari has come up with its own interpretation of the rules. The higher flap clearly creates extra downforce.

“No teams have complained to me at all,” said Whiting. “We are aware of the development on the Ferrari rear wing of course, and we are currently discussing it with Ferrari.”

Asked whether the wing would be seen on Saturday, Whiting said: “That will depend on what we will decide tonight. It’s a very clever interpretation of the rules, and we’ve got to decide whether we think it’s a good interpretation of the rules. It will be clear tomorrow.”

Whiting explained the issue as follows:

“It’s article 3.10.3, which deals with slot gap separators, the devices which are normally just vertical, two of them typically on each wing, which keep the distance between the profiles constant. The fact that these separators have to totally encircle these profiles, also ensures that the profile remains the same. We had some issue with changing profiles a few years ago.

“These separators can’t be more than 250mm apart. It’s an alternative interpretation shall we say of that rule, that we’re currently discussing.”

Pics can be found here:

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