Hamilton apologises to drivers via Twitter

Hamilton had a fraught weekend in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton has used Twitter to apologise to Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado, and thank his fans for their support.

Lewis sent a series of four messages tonight in his trademark shorthand style:

“Hey guys. I wanted to apologise 4 last weekends performance & also my comments after, I never meant to offend no1.”

“I would also like to say thank u 2 everyone on here, 4 their positive messages & also 2 the angry messages. I can respect them both.”

“2 Massa & Maldonado, with the greatest respect I apologise if I offended u. Both of u r fantastic drivers who I regard highly.”

“2 my fans lost & my fans won, I wish u nothing but love & happiness. God Bless u. Onwards & upwards, Montreal next. Lewis”

Following yesterday’s race Hamilton apologised to the stewards after being called to see them in the light of his controversial BBC interview.

The McLaren mechanics rush to fix Hamilton's wing before the restart


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19 responses to “Hamilton apologises to drivers via Twitter

  1. I never liked cameras and microphones getting shoved in front of race car Drivers, right after the conclusion of their respective races’. Whether they finished or not.
    This is an example of the emotion, and the human body chemicals working in the brain, when the media want to be first for the story, and reaction of all those concerned, right after the Driver makes themselves available.
    I am respectful to Mr. Hamilton for his many attempts to clear the air after his comments made, right after a very emotional, and difficult, race.
    This incident should be a learning experience for everyone, young and old.

    • GQsm

      Well said. Lewis is a charged individual, he has done well in the last few years at keeping a level head after a race but failed spectacularly on Sunday. I hope he will take 10 minutes after the race next time to take a step back and calm down before speaking to the media. I just want to see him race and stay out of trouble.

  2. Ian P

    The last thing we want is bland PR speak all the time. Obviously emotions were running high – he’d had two incidents with drivers he was trying to overtake as well as being attacked from behind by Alguersuari.
    If it wasn’t for the Ali G gaff, it would just be him offering his (probably incorrect in the cold light of day) opinion on the overtakes.
    The last thing we want is to muzzle drivers and /or stop them going for the sort of overtakes that only the likes of Hamilton and Alonso can make.

    • Alex

      Hamiltion is in another league to Alonso. The two cannot be compared. Hamilton beat Alonso in his rookie season in the same car…

  3. checoperez

    The reaction of British fans to argue for tolerance of Lewis’s antics is laughable given the tendency towards pillory of Alonso, Vettel, Schumacher, and other non-native English speaking drivers. How about all racers, not just the favored Brits?

    But then, the english language F1 press is ‘controlled’ by the British (duh) with the tendency towards rah-rah-rah for British drivers. Too bad the language gives British reporters an outsized influence.

    Thankfully as an American fan of F1, distance provides an ability to enjoy ALL drivers warts and all, not just Lewis. ALL are fantastic drivers who have and will say cringeworthy things. C’est la vie.

    Towards Lewis’s race comments: perhaps fewer pr lessons from Fuller would be advisable. Pick up a phone and apologize. Doing so conspicuously, with a ‘non-apology’ apology reeks of showmanship and insincerity. Something which runs opposite to Lewis’s insistence that he’s ‘real.’

    Towards Lewis’s racial comments: I can’t fathom what Lewis has faced in a sport so conspicuously lacking in people of color. Lewis has almost certainly faced racism (e.g. as a young kart driver, at Spanish GPs, etc.). Rather than joking, Lewis should aid those kids of color trying to make it in motor-racing. Prove the cowardly racists wrong by supporting youngsters and winning more races. Definitely win more races to stick it in their craw.

    Mayhaps less Hollywood, Lewis, and more racing, yeah? Maybe improve your record this season before shooting off at the mouth about your competitors.

    • Williams4Ever

      Right On Money!!!

      Of all people Lewis shouldn’t play the “victimized” game. He should remember the year 2007 when everybody associated with F1 was bending their way backwards to make sure that they have a rookie winning F1 title.
      Remember Nurburgring, Fuji’07 and biggest of all the Spy-Gate, per regulations not just the team (McLaren) but the drivers should have been eliminated from the results. But those in power just bent the rules to facilitate his championship bid.
      Even the competition didn’t push hard to eliminate the McLaren drivers from year’s classification.

      So more than anyone else, Lewis should be grateful and graceful to what F1 and those associated with F1 have given him and stop playing this “victimized” game,

  4. jordan

    Regardless of how sorry he is today, it can’t be ignored that with his ridiculous comments yesterday he has suggested to the whole world that the FIA stewards are racist … which has an effect on the entire image of the sport, sometimes called “bringing the sport into disrepute” for which he should receive some kind of penalty.

    • Williams4Ever

      A race suspension+financial penalty is order of the day, but knowing Todt and his “All appeasing” policies, doesn’t seem its going to happen.

  5. Mike

    Lewis made himself look like a total tw*t both on and off the track last weekend. And trying to play the race-card (and anyone who thinks his quip was just a joke is deluded) is totally pathetic, IMHO.

  6. Pollerunner

    Ahhh all that political correctness. He just have to say I am sorry then everthing is OK. Why is Hamilton not allowed to have his opinion? And yes he is not very lucky with the FIA. Just remember Spa. Now that was a crime and nobody has said they where sorry about that 🙂

    • Williams4Ever

      And yes he is not very lucky with the FIA. Just remember Spa.
      >> And don’t forget Nurburgring’07, Fuji’07 and Non-Penalty to drivers in Spy Gate, while you are at it….

  7. Larry Perkins

    Senna, schumi, Hamilton, vettel. Win at all costs drivers with very little humility, grace or class.
    Gimmee the tough nuts any day Lauda, Keke, Berger, webber tough, hard and fair and admit defeat like gentlemen.

  8. Stone the crows

    Apologizing via Twitter? God almighty that’s lame. My 16 year old daughter doesn’t even do that.

    • Jason C

      Apologizing via Twitter? God almighty that’s lame.

      That makes it a public apology. Don’t you think that has more impact than simply a private one? I’m sure he’ll apologise in person too, after all he can hardly not do that now he’s tweeted it.

      • Stone the crows

        No, the point of an apology is not its impact, the point of an apology is to make a wronged situation right and make amends. Mind you I do not in the least bit question Lewis’ sincerity, I will take him at his word that he is. However the format he chose makes his apology difficult to take seriously.

    • Williams4Ever

      Goof-up On-Air and apologize via twitter , simply class.
      He should be doing one of those things he had done after Oz’09 Lie-Gate , hold a press conference, go On-Air and apologize to his competitors, stewards and his fans. especially the younger drivers many of whom might be looking at the F1 drivers as role models.

      There are days in every other sports, when referees are hard on players, the players are penalized for their angry outbursts and make a press statement of apology and not Tweat about it….

  9. ben bailey

    Check out these great photos and analysis of the Hamilton/ Schumi and then Maldanado overtakes. Causing an avoidable accident? Looks like it was Pastor that caused the accident to me when like schumi he could have avoided it and scored more valuable points for williams.

    These moves should be encouraged not penalised. Crazy for DiRista to be punished and subsequently Lewis twice!

  10. Eve Tate

    The damage is done. His driving and comments after the race were those expected of a spoilt, petulant child. When his driving style was called into dispute playing the racist card I see as completely inappropriate and the last resort for the PC driven background from everyone. Sorry no. Lewis needs several detentions to write 500 lines – ” I must grow up and take responsibility for my actions.”

  11. Memphis

    Hamilton was quoting a satirical fictional character in a sarcastic manner. Fame sure has it’s price, In all Mercedes
    was robbed from Q3 to the final lap. Red Bull indeed hit the jackpot distancing from Ferrari/Mercedes in the only race thus far that it was clearly at a disadvantage-The losers here are the fans

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